Preparation for camping-Panergy

by Regina Wu
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Preparation for camping-Panergy
1. Camp selection.
Choose a camp that is supervised and well-equipped. KOA is a chain of campgrounds that provide level land (generally this land is solid, not hard soil underneath, sand on top, good for nailing, sleep not tie), clean bathrooms, showers, water, electricity, dining tables, and even swimming pools, bicycle rentals, and other recreational facilities. There are even swimming pools, bicycle rental, and other recreational facilities, and some KOAs also include breakfast, which is a good start to try camping for the first time on weekends.

2. Comfortable weather.
The temperature is comfortable, you won't be unable to sleep at night because of the heat, you won't be shivering because of the cold, the temperature difference between morning and night is smaller, avoid rain, and avoid rainfall the day before (the ground will be very wet). Look at the humidity, too humid is not comfortable. Wind speed is also an extremely important factor, the first camping tent being blown off can be really sad, try not to exceed 30 mph wind speed.

3. Meal simplification.
Barbecue, campfire, this is everyone for camping romantic atmosphere indispensable fantasy. But I caution you to consider carefully when first camping. First of all, you may not want to go out for the first time to buy too much equipment at once, barbecue utensils, ignition equipment, but also a food bar, raw meat to buy a cooler bar, have to have ice bar, have to have sauce bar. Secondly, the next day, wake up, smell their head on the coat or even sleeping bag full of smoke, but also can not wash, not a good experience. Personally, I now cook with a gas stove, and campfire with Mr. Heater instead.

4. Camping equipment simplified.
The first camping is mainly to let people go through a first, to see if the equipment is complete for their own camping experience. I believe that everyone will have their own style of camping, so I actually reject the idea of recommending a bunch of camping supplies once you come up.

For example, some hiking friends camping supplies need to be carried in the back, then they need supplies and I travel by the car camping is very different, they pursue the light, practical; I pursue comfort, cost-effective, no strict requirements for weight; and then, for example, I do not like fumes, so I camp basically do not make a fire, barbecue and camping will be separated, but many friends will certainly feel that no campfire camping is incomplete.

There are also some friends who love cleanliness, they choose the tent most likely need "door off", "footpad", shoes placed outside the house in the rain, to prevent the sand and soil outside the camp into the tent, luggage and sleeping area separate, need a larger tent, need a shower shed, and so on.

So, the first time camping, we start with the simplest equipment, explore their needs, slowly add on the equipment, the camp, and other conditions to do subtractions (such as later change to a camp without electricity, equipment to get a car transformer, solar charging panels, storage boxes, generators).
by Regina Wu


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