Reasons You Might Use a Portable Fan While Camping

by L YY
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Reasons You Might Use a Portable Fan While Camping

As a resident of the Pacific Northwest, I have camped in all kinds of weather, from the dry desert heat to the rainy, windy coldness of the coast. In each of these places, I’ve slept in a tent and I can tell you that a good fan can be useful in just about any weather.

The most common reason for people to consider using a fan is due to heat. Tents can quickly become like greenhouses when there aren’t enough screens to allow air to pass through. When you finally decide to go to sleep for the night, it can make for a truly miserable place to be. Additionally, it can be hard to let your tent air out when you’re trying to avoid bugs, reptiles or campfire smoke from getting into your sleeping quarters.

However, a strategic plan can be great for making use of limited abilities to air out the tent, and it can keep the air in the space flowing while you sleep, allowing you to rest more comfortably.

In colder, wetter climates a fan can be useful for a completely different purpose. While you may be cool enough as you sleep in your tent, you may also find that condensation can become a problem. Wetter weather, sweat, breathing and raising body temperatures all contribute to humidity within your tent.

Condensation occurs when moisture-heavy air contacts a colder temperature surface. The air loses energy and thus drops anything it was carrying, including water. Ventilation is therefore critical to reducing condensation to make sure that the air does not become too humid and too different in temperature from the air outside.

Using a portable fan in your tent can help with avoiding these humidity problems, which can keep things from getting too wet inside the tent.

Finally, if you opt for a bigger, more powerful fan, then you can also use it to keep bugs from bothering you at night.

by L YY


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