Summer hiking tips-ipanergy

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Summer hiking tips-ipanergy

1. Do not use body heat to bake clothes

Hiking hiking if you wear a quick dry clothes, then you will feel comfortable on the way; if you wear a cotton T-shirt, then you have to endure sweating confusion along the way. Maybe you think you can dry with body heat, but this is contrary to the Chinese medicine "back cold into disease", so it is better to change wet clothes in time.

2. Avoid drinking to relieve boredom

Many people in the hiking, climbing when the habit of bringing wine, a few glasses of wine, beautiful and enjoyable! In fact, this is not desirable. Because the body function will be in a state of hyperactivity after strenuous exercise, drinking at this time will make the body faster to absorb alcohol into the blood, the liver, stomach and other organs will be more harmful than usual. Even beer with a low alcohol content can increase uric acid in the blood, which can cause great stimulation to the joints and lead to joint inflammation.

3 Avoid sudden drop in body temperature

Cold bathing or swimming immediately after outdoor activities can cause physiological disorders and lead to nervous system disorders. In addition, you should not immediately use the fast gear of the electric fan to blow to cool down, otherwise it is easy to cause headaches, colds.

Travel in a group

Try not to climb alone, and avoid being left alone when traveling with a group. There are many uncertainties in the outdoor area, and at any time, an extra companion is an extra safeguard for the journey. In the event of an accident, there will be someone to call for help.

There are tips for going uphill

When going uphill, keep a distance of at least five meters from the people in front of you and stay highly alert. Don't get too close to prevent people in front of you from stepping on the air and being accidentally injured; and don't get too far away to prevent falling out of line.


by L YY


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