Summer outdoor camping equipment are what good things to recommend?-ipanergy

by L YY
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Summer outdoor camping equipment are what good things to recommend?-ipanergy

Hot summer days, but also can not resist the hobby outdoor solo travelers, summer a is: hot! More water play, more mosquitoes, more rainy days! If you say to find a "treasure" blowing a very comfortable wind, watching the beauty is not very comfortable? To improve these natural need a lot of equipment.

If it is self-driving, do not prevent the preparation of a roof tent, especially in the outdoors, not only can better appreciate the beauty, its breathability there is also very good, ventilation sense is also good, cooler in summer.

In addition to the roof tent, many ordinary tents are also necessary to prepare a canopy in the summer, either shade or shade is very good, this season if more people, in addition to ordinary small tents, canopy is also necessary.

Many lamps and lanterns at night can not be missing, camping lights, flashlights are essential, if you want to increase the atmosphere then camping ambient light is indispensable, this one camping light is not very ambient, vintage, very comfortable it.

Do not forget to prepare an outdoor power supply 220v, and a small fan is also prepared, the summer is still relatively hot.

If you want to eat barbecue outdoors, it is also very more pleasant, prepare a few barbecue grills, the necessary ingredients do not leave behind, barbecue tools also need to bring some.

At the end do not forget to bring a good poncho, once it rains, you can wear a poncho to pack things, thought not prepared.

by L YY


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