Summer tent is very hot to do-Panergy

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Summer tent is very hot to do-Panergy

Summer tent is very hot to do
1, with the kind of tent with two openings, and then buy a slightly larger than it mosquito net (muslin tent), live inside at night, the two tent mouths are open (preferably opposite openings, so that air circulation), and then the muslin tent set outside the cover to block mosquitoes, it is good.
2, the tent can be equipped with a small DC fan.
3, the upper layer of the moisture-proof pad as breathable vacuum, so it will not be too hot.
4, the outer tent will be removed, only use the inner tent, so as to prevent mosquitoes from entering the mess, and will not feel stuffy.
5、Use camping fan

Summer essential equipment:

Camping fan recommendation:

Use the tent precautions.
1, first of all, the price of the tent varies greatly depending on the material, quality design, features and style. In the purchase of tents need to consider issues such as: the weight and size of the tent, whether it is easy to set up, easy to get in and out, have ventilation doors and windows, insect screens and snow cover, whether you need to cook and store food place and the expected use of the season.
2, freestanding tents are heavier than tents that rely on stakes and only rely on stakes to set up. Don't pussyfoot around the tent because you're concerned about carrying more stuff. A sudden gust of wind will lift the tent that is not fixed to the lake or the cliff. Dome tents can withstand high winds if they are fixed securely and reasonably, but they are usually heavy and have little usable ground area.
3, there is a full-coverage waterproof outer layer of the double tent can withstand the wind and rain, but when the waterproof cover pulled up, the ventilation inside the tent will be affected.
4, flat tent walls than curved tent walls in the wind will make more flapping sound. Tents with porches or awnings prevent rain from blowing in through the tent's doorway and provide a place to cook in bad weather.
The lightest tents usually have no ground. This type of tent should always be set up in a well-drained area. When reading the manufacturer's product description, pay attention to whether the weight clearly indicated includes the weight of the stakes, poles, repair tools and the bags that hold them.



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