Swamp coolers, misting systems and fans - which is best for my patio?--ipanergy

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Swamp coolers, misting systems and fans - which is best for my patio?--ipanergy

You have a beautiful patio and you spend time decorating it. It's a great outdoor space, but it only has one problem: it's too hot most of the year. swamp cooler for patio

So it's understandable that you'd want to find a cooling solution for your patio. Outdoor air conditioners are usually a poor choice. It is not suitable for any area that cannot keep cool air. This leaves three potential cooling options for your patio:

Evaporative coolers (sometimes called swamp coolers)
Atomization system
The best solution for your patio depends on how your patio is set up and what you typically use it for.
When a fan is best for your patio
The fan doesn't actually cool the air. They just move air. That doesn't mean they can't be useful, but it does limit the situations in which they are useful.

A fan may be best for your patio if you:

There is a reservoir of cold air to draw from
Use your patio only in mildly hot conditions
not afraid of sweating
Since outdoor patio fans don't cool the air, they can only cool your patio if they're drawing in air from a place with a lot of cool air. This could technically be an air-conditioned room, but that would make your home less efficient and more expensive, so it's not an ideal situation. A better source of cool air might be a shade, garden or fountain. An ideal source of cool air is a nearby shady garden. Here, plants cool the air through evaporative cooling, creating a source of cool air that you can draw from throughout the day.

Fans will also work if you are not using your patio above 90°F. Below this temperature, your body has multiple ways of cooling, and fans can help them.

Once the temperature exceeds around 90°F, your body has only one effective cooling mechanism: sweating. Fans can help sweat more efficiently, so if you don't mind sweating, a fan can be a good fit for your patio.

When a misting system is best for your yard
A patio evaporative cooler misting system can cool your patio. It is primarily effective through evaporative cooling: water absorbs energy from the air to evaporate. This cools the air. As the mist evaporates from your skin, it helps you feel cooler. It's like sweating too much. Another limitation of atomizing systems is that they can only cool a limited area.

The atomization system is suitable for:

Helping children playing games to calm down
keep plants cool and watered
Additional cooling for pool function
Spray systems are good for children. They don't mind getting wet, and their clothes are generally moisture resistant. They can run to the vaping station, get wet, and come back to play.

Another great place to use a misting system is to help keep plants cool. Not only do you want to keep the plants cool, but you also keep them watered.

A spray system is also great to help keep you cool at a pool party. Everyone was in swimsuits so no one would get wet.

However, if you're sitting at a table on your patio, you probably don't want to use a spray system because the water from Mr. can cause you and your guests to get wet when you're sitting on the patio. This isn't ideal, and if you're trying to enjoy a meal, it can be a total deal breaker.

When a swamp cooler is best for your patio
Swamp coolers work by passing hot air through an evaporative medium (like a giant sponge). This effectively evaporates the water, instantly cooling the air by up to 30°F. While the air is more humid after it passes through the cooler, it won't wet you or anything it blows on. In fact, it keeps you dry because it sweats like a machine for you.

Swamp coolers work best if you:

Want to cool down a lot
don't want to get wet
Want to use your patio in the heat
Want efficient cooling
Swamp coolers are very effective at cooling large areas quickly. A mid-size evaporative cooler like the ipanergy Cyclone 140 delivers about 4,000 cubic feet of cooling air per minute. That's enough to effectively cool a patio 20 feet wide and 45 feet long. Larger ipanergy models can cool larger areas than this.

The swamp cooler won't get you or anything on your patio wet. The air is humidified, but it doesn't make you soaked.

A swamp cooler will keep your patio comfortable, even in extreme heat. Think about it: a 30° F temperature drop can turn a muggy 100° day into a cozy 70°.

Plus, swamp coolers are very efficient. You can run a ipanergy evaporative cooler all day for less than $1 on energy and water.

Choose ipanergy for your patio
Most of the time, an evaporative cooler is the best cooling option for your patio. If you are looking for an evaporative cooler for your patio, ipanergy is an excellent choice. With ipanergy, there are basically no installation costs. You can spread it wherever you want, which means cooling on the grill or gazebo or wherever you set up your cornhole pitch. You can even take it with you to your kid's soccer game or minor league baseball game. Plus, ipanergy is made in the USA quality and we back it up with a top-notch warranty and customer service.

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