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by Regina Wu
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The 5 Best Camping Fans - ipanergy

When you're camping, it's nice to have a breeze to cool you down, but it can be hard to find a fan that's truly built for the task. The best camping fans are lightweight and portable so you can pack them easily and not feel too weighed down. In fact, some of the most compact options weigh less than 13 ounces, though they likely won't cool you down quite as well the fans that weigh 6 or 7 pounds.

When you're shopping around, the first thing to consider is power. Most camping fans are powered with lithium-ion batteries that can be easily recharged, while others use single-use batteries. The battery life of your fan will usually vary depending on the speed setting you use; when possible, stick to lower speed settings so your fan will last several hours at a time or even all weekend long.

Another thing to keep in mind is durability. Unlike the fan in your bedroom, the one you take into the wilderness will sustain a lot of wear and tear. Look for more rugged options that can take a beating and withstand exposure to the elements. If they're water-resistant, that's even better (though, this feature can be harder to find).

The last thing to think about is size and style. Do you want a small fan you can hang in your tent or from a tree branch? Or a bigger, box-style fan to put on a picnic table while you eat? How about a handheld option to take hiking or use for lounging around camp? Special features like speed settings, angle, and degree of rotation are important, too.

1. A Convertible Fan That Can Hang In Your Tent Or Sit On A Table

Power source: lithium-ion batteries

Weight: 6.02 pounds

What's great about it: This convenient camping fan offers you the option of standing it up on tripod legs or hanging it from a tree or tent loop. The durable, water-resistant gadget has multiple speed settings and runs on lithium-ion batteries that can be charged via USB — and it can last six to 15 hours, depending on how high it's set. It has a convenient rotating head to circulate air and you can have it fully charged in just two hours.

One reviewer wrote: "I bought this for backyard camping. I loved the integrated, dimmable LEDs and I thought the fan would be a nice bonus. It was very easy to set up, and the LED strips are easy to install and operate."


2. A Battery-Operated Miniature Box Fan With A Simple Folding Design

Power source: D batteries (also includes AC adapter)

Weight: 2.33 pounds

What's great about it: A unique feature of this battery-powered fan is that when you're not camping, you can also plug it into a standard electrical outlet. It features two operating speeds and it's sturdy enough to withstand an outdoor environment (though, not to the point of being water-resistant). Best of all, the fan is extremely lightweight and portable with a simple folding design that conserves space in your bag. While this fan's battery life isn't indicated, some reviewers found that it lasted them all weekend on a single set.

One reviewer wrote: "I am blown away by the battery life on this. I’ve used it for 10+ nights on high power and it is showing no signs of slowing down! It’s pretty powerful to give you a good breeze, fairly quiet, and folds down nicely. Overall I love this fan! Has made summer camping far more appealing."


3. This Tiny Fan With Bendy Legs That Attaches To Just About Anything

Power source: lithium-ion batteries

Weight: 12 ounces

What's great about it: With nearly 10,000 reviews on Amazon, this flexible camping fan is hugely popular with reviewers. The durable tripod-style option has bendy legs that let you adjust the angle and turn it 360 degrees. It boasts three speed settings and runs on lithium-ion batteries to last up to 10 hours (plus, it can be recharged via USB). It also features an LED light with three settings to help illuminate your tent or camp ground.

One reviewer wrote: "Feels quality made and is super nice for camping. We use it for camping in the car and it works really well at circulating the air. The light and fan have 3 levels each."

4. This Compact, Handheld Option That Goes Wherever You Go

Power source: lithium-ion batteries

Weight: 6.7 ounces

What's great about it: Whether you're planning a hike during your trip or you just want to fan yourself around camp, this portable handheld fan is just the ticket. It's exceptionally lightweight and folds up into a tiny circle that fits in your backpack. According to the brand, this rechargeable fan can last between 2.8 to 11 hours on a full charge, depending on the speed. Not only that, but it has three operating speeds and a head you can adjust up to 180 degrees.

One reviewer wrote: "I absolutely love this fan. The power is incredible. Number #1 purchase for camping. Would highly recommend. And the spare battery is great. A+++++"


5. A Water-Resistant Floor Fan With A Simple Adjustable Knob

Power source: lithium-ion batteries

Weight: 7.24 pounds

What's great about it: Designed to run on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, this convenient camping fan is capable of running for 24 straight hours. Not only that, it has a strong metal blade and a water-resistant design (it's IPX4-rated). The sturdy floor fan, which features an easy knob to adjust the speed, is wonderfully lightweight and it comes with a 12-volt adapter. The only drawback is that, at a little over 7 pounds, it's the heaviest option on this list.

One reviewer wrote: "This little fan packs a punch. On high it is pretty strong. Will make a hot night of camping much cooler. Glad we purchased this and will be getting a second one. Love that it is rechargeable."

by Regina Wu


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