The benefits of wilderness hiking-Panergy

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The benefits of wilderness hiking-Panergy

 What are the benefits of regular hiking fitness
1、Increase memory
As we grow older, people's memory is also in decline, walking can increase memory, remember to walk every morning, memory will be stronger and stronger.
2, open meridians
Sitting in the office for a long time, did not pay attention to the body, the meridians stiffened, the whole body will have small bumps, adhere to the walk, the bumps will be much less.
3、Relax the pulse
Meridian is not working, the pulse is naturally stiff, the whole body is very tense, very stiff, walk for half an hour every afternoon, the whole body relaxed.
4、Light body and mind
The body and mind are not in harmony, the body and mind are not at peace, the body and mind are not at peace, physical and mental diseases come from the Qi and blood is not working, the Qi and blood is not working because the meridians are not working, so the body and mind are not free, through walking, the Qi and blood is smooth, the body and mind is free.
5、Increase the function of the heart
Do not love exercise, so the heart is not good, walking can enhance the heart function, so that the heart is slow and strong.
Walking fitness exercise parts.
1、Mind - prompt the brain to release endorphins, make the mood happy.
2, lungs - increase lung capacity, reduce the desire of smokers to smoke.
3, back - to strengthen the back muscle strength, and less damage to the back.
4, legs and feet - walking is equivalent to strength training for the bones, can significantly enhance the leg and foot bones and muscle strength.
What are the benefits of walking
According to medical statistics, walking will lower blood pressure and reduce blood viscosity, which is conducive to a strong heart muscle and reduce the formation of blood clots.
Second, strengthen the muscles and bones
Walking exercise, can exercise the whole body skeletal system, stretching tendons, strong muscles, active joints, strong bones, reduce osteoporosis.
Third, regulate feelings
Sports "strong muscles and bones, strong will, regulate feelings". Strong muscles and bones, as mentioned above, daily exercise at least 20 minutes, and rain or shine, daily exercise, month after month, year after year, is the smelting of the will.
Fourth, alleviate the disease
Walking exercise can reduce the disease, the United States once more than 70,000 nurses survey, found that if you walk more than six hours a week, then your incidence of stroke will be less than six hours of people less than forty percent.
Five, conducive to weight loss
Walking for a long time can consume a lot of calories, promote the decomposition of body fat, to the body for energy, so as to achieve the purpose of weight loss, maintain a beautiful body shape.
Sixth, promote digestion
Walking can enhance the secretion function of the digestive glands, promote regular peristalsis of the stomach and intestines, increase appetite, for the prevention and control of hypertension, diabetes, obesity, habitual constipation and other diseases have a good role.
Seven, improve work efficiency
Walking in the fresh air outdoors, the brain thinking activities become clear and flexible, can effectively eliminate brain fatigue, improve learning and work efficiency. According to the relevant expert tests, walking three times a week, an hour each time, for four months of continuous adherence to the people who do not like exercise, the former reflect sharp, visual and memory are dominant.

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