The Best Camping Pillows for 2022-Panergy

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The Best Camping Pillows for 2022-Panergy

What is a Camping Pillow?

Before we get to my list, let’s go over what exactly a camping pillow really is.

A camping pillow is, rather simply, a pillow designed to be used when camping. You might think that stuffing together some jackets might do, but it rarely does. A camping pillow is meant to bring the same comfort of your bed at home to your tent, while also being lightweight, compact, and resistant to the elements. That means they are usually small, waterproof, and easy to clean. Depending on your specific needs and activities, they might also have additional features. 

No matter what camping pillow you decide on, the best camping pillow will be shaped and built in a way to provide good neck and head support; to deflate, fold, or squish into a smaller version of itself when not actively being used; and to be as lightweight as possible to facilitate transportation. 

Different Types of Camping Pillows

Since there are so many different types of camping out there, you might have already guessed that there are different types of camping pillows, as well. Here are the four categories:

Compressible Camping Pillows

These pillows are the most comfortable because they’re the closest camping pillow to the regular at-home pillows on your bed. Depending on the brand, they could be filled with down, foam, or other synthetic materials. As the name suggests, compressible camping pillows usually compress into a smaller size to fit into a little pouch. They are great for car and RV camping—basically any activity for which if you don’t have to carry everything in your backpack!

Inflatable Camping Pillows

Inflatable pillows are also relatively straight forward. Valued for how little space they take up when not inflated, they’re basically little air mattresses for your head (except for you don’t need an air pump to blow it up). You can regulate how thick and hard you want your pillow by filling it with more or less air. Though they take up less space than compressible camping pillows and provide good head and neck support, they’re usually less comfortable.

Stuff Sack Camping Pillows

Stuff Sack Camping pillows are the least comfortable camping pillows because they are just one step above squishing your sweater into a ball, but they are by far the best option for itinerant, backpacking trips because of how little space they take up when not in use. In fact, they actually provide more storage, because they are essentially a pillowcase in which you can stuff just about anything to give it as much or as little shape as you want. 

Hybrid Camping Pillows

Hybrid camping pillows are the best of compressible and inflatable camping pillows in one! Usually made up of an inflatable sack and a layer of foam, they fold into a smaller volume than traditional compressible pillows while maintaining the comfort of some stuffing to avoid the feeling of sleeping on a balloon! Because of the extra layer, they’re bigger than inflatable camping pillows and stuff sack camping pillows, but I think they’re a great compromise for someone looking to travel lightweight while still preferring that extra level of comfort at night.

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