The Best Camping Tables for 2022-Panergy

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The Best Camping Tables for 2022-Panergy

Overall Best Camping Table

Co-op Camp Prep Table

If you’re serious about wanting the best camping table on the market and willing to spend the necessary cash, the Co-op Camp Prep Table from REI takes the cake. This table features adjustable legs that you can range from 22″ to 31″ in height, and the length and width of the table offer plenty of space for food prep.

One of the best features of all is that each of the legs is individually adjustable, making the Co-op Camp Prep Table ideal for even or uneven surfaces. Simply adjust each leg until the table’s level, and you’re good to go. This is also one of the strongest and most durable camping tables available, as it can comfortably support up to 100 pounds.

The tabletop is made of slated, rust-resistant, and heat-resistant aluminum, ensuring it will stand up to all weather conditions. While the table is slightly bulky when put together, it folds in half, and the legs slide shut. It also comes with a handy-dandy carrying bag for easy and safe transportation and storage.

Runner-Up for Best Overall Camping Table

Lifetime Folding Table

If you want a quality and durable best camping table but don’t feel like spending $150 on it, the Lifetime Folding Table is a good alternative. Lifetime is a company that’s made a massive name for itself by developing some of the world’s best plastic products. Their folding camping table is no exception and could easily take the top spot on our best camping table list.

The Lifetime table has the same surface area as the REI table, at 4′ x 2′. It also weighs a similar amount at right around 19 pounds. Although the legs are adjustable between 24″ and 36″ on the Lifetime Folding Table, they don’t adjust as easily or in the same increments as the REI Co-op. While the surface area is vast, it, unfortunately, lacks heat resistance.

Despite a few downfalls, this Lifetime table makes up for them with durability, stability, and value. It’s half the price of the REI Co-op and has a higher weight capacity of up to 200 pounds. All in all, this table isn’t the flashiest in the world, but it provides an excellent service at a great price, and you’re bound to have a better camping experience with it than without it.

Best Camping Table on a Budget

Tenrios Portable Camping Table


If you’re in the market for the best camping table that’s budget-friendly, small, and easy to carry, the Tenrios Portable Camping Table is worth a try. This little guy only costs around $25 on Amazon, and it’s absolutely adorable. It weighs under two pounds and is one of the most lightweight and portable tables on this list, making it perfect for hiking or camping.

What makes this table even more appealing if you’re tight on space is that it packs down into the size of a pop or water bottle. You can store it in your backpack, sleeping bag, or even in your pocket! Despite how compact it is, the tabletop consists of aluminum alloy, which means it’s rust-resistant and doesn’t retain heat.

Additionally, the Tenrios Portable Camping Table is easy to clean and low maintenance. While you won’t be able to fit your whole family around the 15.5″ x 13.5″ x 12.5″ surface area and tabletop height, it’s perfect for one or two people. The table is surprisingly sturdy and can hold up to fifty-five pounds of weight, and it features slip-resistant rubber legs for added stability.

Best Camping Table for Food Prep

GCI Master Cook Station

If size and space aren’t an issue and you’re simply looking for the best camping table to use as a food prep station, the GCI Master Cook Station is perfect. As the name indicates, the GCI is made and designed specifically for the job of food prep. It has a vast surface area that measures fifty-six inches long, twenty-two inches wide, and a height of thirty-two inches.

This table features table ends that fold down for easy storage and three different sets of legs for added stability. It includes bonus features such as extra shelving, a paper towel holder, an overhead hanger, and even a spot to keep your cups. Just be careful what all you put on the table, as the weight capacity is limited to less than fifty pounds.

If the features listed above aren’t enough, there’s even a small kitchen sink made of soft, waterproof fabric where you can wash your dishes. Don’t worry, because this best camping table setup includes a drain on the bottom for easy disposal.

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