The best neck fan to keep cool in summer-ipanergy

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The best neck fan to keep cool in summer-ipanergy
  • Wrap-around neck fans (sometimes called “wearable air conditioners”) include bladeless styles with air vents along the neckband and bladed versions with miniature fans you can angle in the direction of your choosing. When it comes to choosing between bladed and bladeless fans, know that bladed fans are usually less expensive, but they might not be the best option if you have longer hair that could get caught.
  • Alternatively, you can find neck fans that hang from lanyards, which typically feature a bladed fan that blows air up towards your neck and face. These little fans tend to be compact and rectangular, and their size and shape could make them easier to pack for travel. But since they’re designed to sit farther away from your face when strung around your neck, you shouldn’t expect as direct of a breeze as a wrap-around style can offer.

In any case, comfort is essential for neck fans. Especially if you plan to carry your neck fan for long periods of time, you might also prefer one that’s lighter. For reference, a pair of lightweight headphones will weigh under 0.6 pound (or 8.8 ounces) — and you’ll find plenty of options in that range below. If you’re easily distracted by sounds, check if the manufacturer specifies how quiet a fan is, in decibels (dB). The quietest fan on this list produces as little as 25 decibels of sound (which is as quiet as a whisper). If a decibel rating for a fan isn’t listed, it can be helpful to check that reviewers have confirmed they’re fairly quiet.

Almost all of the neck fans on the list are powered by rechargeable batteries. The exception is one pick that uses replaceable batteries — which is the cheapest option up front, but you’ll also have to factor in the cost of replacing the batteries over time. With that in mind, it might not be the best option for frequent use.

1. A Fan-Favorite Neck Fan

With a 4.4-star overall rating after more than 11,000 ratings, this bladeless neck fan has gotten tons of rave reviews. It is designed with a wrap-around neckband and features 76 air vents to keep air flowing towards your neck and face. It can run continuously for up to 16 hours on the lowest setting and five on the highest before you’ll need to recharge it with the included USB cable. It has three options for speed and can produce as little as 25 decibels of sound. One Amazon reviewer wrote that the “noise level is perfect on first two settings,” adding that it “does go up a tad on third level but [is] not extremely loud.” The neckband is made from sturdy ABS plastic and flexible silicone, and as a plus, the fan is sweat- and dust-proof.

One reviewer wrote: “Just the best personal fan when it’s a must to keep cool. Has air holes on the back of your neck as well as the sides. This one is hard plastic but quite light. Works for me. Keeps its charge. I’m happy with this purchase.”

2.A Neck Fan With 6 Speed Settings

This wrap-around neck fan features two small bladed fans that you can point in any direction. Beyond that, the dual fans boast six speed options — the most of all the fans on this list — so that you can totally customize the airflow, whether you want a light breeze or a strong gust. When you’re not on the move, you can even set the fan upright and use it as a small desk fan. According to multiple reviews, it’s quiet on the lower speed settings, but becomes noticeably louder as you increase the speed. One reviewer mentioned that it is “a little loud” on the highest setting, but worth the tradeoff for the “extra wind movement.” The fan can run up to 16 hours, and when it comes time to charge, use the included USB charging cable.

One reviewer wrote: “I have tried many different neck fans. I have finally found one that is perfect for me. The charge lasts a long time; many different speeds, I especially like the intermittent speed. It's light and quiet. Fan is adjustable to many different positions. The fan stays where you put it. I have had fans that constantly move and need to be readjusted! This is a great fan for women who are in a constant state of ‘SUMMER’!!!!”

3. A Neck Fan With A Water Mister & Kickstand

Wemordu Portable Neck Fan

This neck fan also functions as a water mister to help you stay cool. The device has a little bladed fan as well as a 20-milliliter water tank, and it comes with a small bottle that makes pouring water into the reservoir easy. You can use the mister on its own or with the fan. The fan has three speed settings and a runtime of up to five hours before it needs to be charged with the included USB cable. It comes with an adjustable lanyard, and the fan features a top vent so that air blows towards your neck and face when you hang it from your neck. Plus, this fan has a built-in kickstand, so you can also use it as a tiny desk fan, too. Multiple reviewers have mentioned that the fan runs quietly, but one reviewer noted that you’ll hear it running in “quiet places.”

One reviewer wrote: “Bought this for our Disney World trip. Definitely glad I did. This little fan made the Florida heat in July bearable while standing in line. The cooling mist was a great addition. I chose this fan because it was rechargable and I could use my phone bank to recharge while at the parks.”

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