The Best Small Fans of 2022 - ipanergy

by Regina Wu
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The Best Small Fans of 2022 - ipanergy

If it feels hotter to you this year, you’re not alone. Record-breaking heat waves have been recorded across the United States.1 How much warmer has it been? The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration report that the average June temperature across the contiguous United States was 72.6 degrees Fahrenheit (4.2 degrees hotter than average), making it the hottest June in 127 years of record keeping.2

Climate changes that increase atmospheric temperatures are here to stay, making air conditioning a near necessity for many environments. But making some minor changes in your lifestyle, such as employing electric fans in your home, can save you money and cut down on your greenhouse gas emissions.

According to the Department of Energy, air conditioning the average home uses more than 2,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity annually.3 Using a fan in specific situations can be vastly more efficient. Not only do fans not use refrigerant gases like air conditioning (which accounts for 65 percent of worldwide hydrofluorocarbon emissions), but fans also use between 30 and 50 times less energy.4
Our picks for the best small fans will blow away the competition.

IRIS USA, Inc. Woozoo Personal Fan


Able to rotate 360 degrees, the Woozoo Quiet Personal Desktop Fan is a perfect up-close fan for your desk or workspace, allowing you to adjust the angle of your exposure. Compact, with a recessed handle, the Woozoo fan can easily squeeze into a corner. Plus, it has three different speed settings, including a low setting that's quite enough to take calls with it running. It even comes in four fun colors.

Black + Decker Mini Box Fan


This trimmed-down version of the standard box fan is ideal for bedrooms and dorms. With a frameless, self-standing design, the Black+Decker Mini Tabletop Box Fan could also make a stable addition to RVs and other mobile homes for those looking to keep cool while living the van life. Perfect for slightly out-of-reach places, the Black+Decker Mini Box Fan has its control knob on the front face for easy access, with three different speed settings available.

Genesis 6 in. Convertible Table-Top and Clip Fan


Thanks to this fan’s sturdy clamp and adjustable head, you can ensure airflow stays directed right where you want it. The Genesis 6-Inch Convertible Fan includes both a table-top stand and a separate clip. The two are easy to switch between using an included butterfly screw. The Genesis convertible fan has two different speed settings.

by Regina Wu


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