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by Regina Wu
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Purchasing a Stroller Fan

There are multiple stroller fans on the market, so which one will be the best fit for you and your little one? Consider these few points to help:

  • Hold: From clips to bendable legs, there are various ways to hold the fan on your stroller. Make sure it is secure and easily fits.
  • Speeds: Though it’s not completely necessary, it is nice to have adjustable speeds for customizable power.
  • Size: The fan should be large enough to effectively cool your little one down while still fitting on your stroller.
  • Power Operation: Whether it needs batteries or is rechargeable, be aware of the way this fan operates and be sure to understand how long of a run-time is expected (especially if you’ll need it for a long period of time).

Top Pick: Panergy Mini Handheld Stroller Fan

Available in multiple colors, this mini fan features unique adjustable tripod legs that are flexible enough to bend into almost any angle you need or want. Made of high-quality metal with a safe silicone cover, this fan is durable and stable for wrapping or standing. You can use it on the stroller and/or the car seat as well as on a table at home. It has a two-in-one power style (USB or battery) and can run anywhere from 6-15 hours. There are three speed types that are powerful yet quiet, and the colorful and bendy design makes it both fun and functional.

by Regina Wu



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