The Complete Cold Weather Camping Guide - Panergy

by Regina Wu
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The Complete Cold Weather Camping Guide - Panergy


K-2 XT Tent - Geodesic tents are perfect for cold climates.  They allow extreme weather to pass over and around them without causing cold air to leak in, limiting the effect of the wind and keeping you warm through the night.

The K-2 XT offers 52 sq. feet of space, which enough room for three campers.  It also features an aluminum frame, 40D mesh and 70D nylon taffeta walls and floors, perfect for holding in heat on a chilly night.


Kaycee 0° Sleeping Bag - Rated for 0° Fahrenheit, this sleeping bag is essential gear for serious campers.

The bag uses Rteq? insulation, a proprietary polyester blend that effectively holds in heat without sacrificing texture.  It feels somewhat similar to cotton, but it's much better at keeping the cold weather away from your body while you sleep.Eureka Cold Weather Sleeping Bag
Be sure to get a nice sleeping pad to put under this bag.  Sleeping pads help you maintain separation from the ground, which is important on a cold weather camping trip.  The Kaycee 0° sleeping bag has a carry weight of just over five pounds, so it's perfect for alpining or other situations in which weight is a factor.


Hot Chillys Men's Thermal Socks- If you haven't noticed, your feet are kind of an important link between your body and the ground.  If the ground's cold, you'll feel itin your toes before you feel it anywhere else.  Add in a little melted snow and ice, and you can end up with some seriously cold feet.

The M's Lo Volume Thermal Socks get our recommendation because of their dense microfiber material, which allows moisture to escape while trapping heat.  The 'low volume' the microfiber material allows for a surprisingly light, thin sock that works comfortably with a boot or snowshoes.  Every camper needs a reliable pair of socks, and this pair is a great place to start.


Thermal Base Layers - You need to dress in layers to stay prepared, and you absolutely need a strong base layer if you want to keep your whole body safe from the elements.
Hot Chillys base layer products use Merino wool making them the warmest base layers we've used, Spandex and MTF (moisture transfer fiber) to insulate without impeding your mobility.  These performance base layers are perfect for any serious outdoorsmen, as they're thin, warm and extremely comfortable.  The MTF lets moisture out while keeping heat in, which is important for your lower body.

The top layer is equally important, and Hot Chillys uses flat seam construction to keep the crew neck slim, tough and ready for wear.  Don't skimp on your base layer; this is your first and last line of defense against cold weather, so whether you're skiing or hiking, you absolutely need a quality base to build upon.


Best Softshell Jackets - With that being said, your outer shell should also insulate.  We like the Apoc jacket from Westcomb.  It's a breathable and light softshell jacket,Westcomb Cold Weather Jacket and Pantsso it won't weigh you down as you move about the campsite or ski slope.  The jacket comfortably stretches, providing the best possible separation from snow and cold air, and the NeoShell membrane provides additional protection from moisture and makes it the perfect extreme cold weather jacket.  It's also made in North America, and every element of design and construction works perfectly to balance comfort and utility.  Best of all, it looks cool (hey, that counts for something, right?)

The jacket matches well with the Recon Cargo pants, also from Westcomb.  At just under 14 ounces, they're the lightest softshell pants we have found, but they provide sufficient protection for skiers and mountaineers with a NanoSphere liquid protection system.

The Recon Cargo pants are great for any weather conditions, and if you're camping in a particularly rough environment, you can add another layer.  Remember, it's better to have too many layers than too few.


Gloves are especially important because frostbite can affect small, exposed patches of skin in a matter of minutes. The best technology in gloves come from the Ski Industry and we find the best quality to be Swany's ski gloves.

Women can protect themselves with the Explorer II gloves, leather gauntlets paired with a drawcord that completely prevents snow from gettingSwany Cold Weather Glove

to your fingers.  These gloves are originally designed for cold weather skiing, but with the Insuloft-160 technology we can use them for camping too. They're also practical; a breathable insert stops your hands from getting sweaty and makes these gloves fairly easy to clean.  The gloves are waterproof and shouldn't require too much upkeep and there is nothing worse than cold or wet hands when trying to set up camp.

For men, X-Cell II gloves are a great option.  There's a tri-plex insulation system, thermal lining and removable inserts for easy cleaning.  These gloves also feature a lock-down zipper and drawcords to keep your hands completely warm and dry at all times.

Both X-Cell II and Explorer II gloves work well for skiing thanks to quick-release systems, and they're the most mobile snow gloves that we've tried. If neither of these gloves fit your needs you can checkout out all of Swany's ski gloves at their website.

A snowy night under the stars can be a breathtaking experience.  With the right gear, you'll love the winter as much as the summer or fall. The gear above should help to keep you warm as you challenge yourself to camp in colder weather.  After your trip, come back to the blog and share your experiences with us.

by Regina Wu


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