The Quick Guide to Camping Gourmet - Panergy

by Regina Wu
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The Quick Guide to Camping Gourmet - Panergy

Fast track your day with a traditional breakfast turned gourmet:

  • Impress coffee lovers with instant coffees that include Italian, French Roast and Columbian options.
  • Add a teaspoon of instant espresso to a packet of hot chocolate for a quick and easy Mocha drink
  • Perk up instant oatmeal with pre-packs of nuts and dried fruit, or toss in some chocolate or carob chips and a pinch of cinnamon
  • Roast gourmet sausages from your local grocer over the morning campfire
  • Splurge on muffins and pastries from your favorite bakery
  • Have on hand hard-boiled eggs prepared at home
  • Stock up on grapes, berries and pre-packaged fruit salad, with yogurt and granola as fun, zippy toppings!

After breakfast, create an eye-opening sandwich bar for easy-to-prepare lunches and snacks:

  • Bring fresh, sliced meats and imported cheeses from your local deli
  • Splurge on Ciabatta rolls and artisan breads
  • Include sliced tomatoes, onions, lettuce, and other veggies prepared at home or purchased at a grocer's Salad Bar
  • Supply salt, pepper and dried chilis, as well as herbs like basil, dill and tarragon
  • Open up containers of hummus, Italian salad dressing, spicy mustard and chipotle sauce
  • Pre-cut carrots, celery, cucumbers and peppers for delicious, nutritious nibbling
  • Combine mixed nuts, dried fruit, chocolate treats, and cracker snacks from the bulk food section of your favorite store for robust trail mix.

Bring along light appetizers and drinks to get the evening started:

  • Check out the olive bar at a local market for tempting olives, onions and other snacks
  • Sip on hand-crafted beers
  • Open up wine with easy re-sealable tops
  • For non-alcoholic gourmet options, try one-of-a-kind sodas and fruit juices
  • Present pre-sliced cheeses, meats, and crackers for easy appetizers
  • Bring out your arsenal of pre-cut veggies and hummus

Dinner should be a simple affair so you can kick back at the camp site and enjoy the good life:

  • Roast gourmet chicken and turkey sausages over your campfire as a creative alternative to hot dogs
  • Mix and match pre-packaged arugula and baby lettuces for easy, tasty salads
  • Be adventurous by boiling water and tossing in sealed packages of Indian curries, available at most grocery stores, and ready in just minutes. Include a boil-in-a-bag rice dish and you have a delicious gourmet meal
  • Enhance instant noodles by adding your favorite herbs, spices and veggies leftover from lunch

Saving the best for last, gather around the campfire with alternatives to traditional favorites:

  • For S'mores, try cinnamon graham crackers and peanut butter cups, or other chocolate favorites, to complement the sticky, sweet marshmallow treat
  • Add spices and seasoning to fresh, popped corn
  • Stir in a few drops of peppermint extract to hot cocoa for a tasty, warm drink

Whether you are a car-camper or backpacker, a gourmet food experience will ensure lasting, delicious memories. It's easy and fun to make each meal a 'quickie' delight to the senses and an event to look forward to. Enjoy!

Tune in to future blogs for 'quickie' preparation and packing tips, gourmet recipes and ideas to inspire your next camping adventure breakfasts, trailblazing lunches and exciting dinners, all easy to plan, prepare and pack up!

by Regina Wu


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