Things to Consider Before Buying a Camping Fan-ipanergy

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Camping Fan-ipanergy


One of the most important considerations when choosing a camping fan is where you intend to set it up. For some people, daytime use, when temperatures soar, is the most important factor, while others intend to turn theirs on primarily at dusk, when the mosquitoes come out to play and they want to add a little more coverage with their mosquito repellents. Others still plan to use their camping fan only at night, to keep temperatures down while they try to sleep. Consider the ways you intend to use your camping fan before making a purchase.


Some of the camping fans on this list can provide enough cool air for groups of people, while others are only meant for individuals. Choose a camping fan with enough oomph to keep you cool in the conditions you expect to face.


While most camping fans only have one intended purpose (or are only really able to function well for one intended purpose), others allow the users to set up their fan in a number of different configurations, including hanging it from the tent ceiling, setting it at the opposite side of a picnic table, sticking it to the window of a car, or even wrapping it around the pole of a camping canopy. Consider the different setups you are likely to opt for when choosing the camping fan that is right for you.

Power Source

One of the biggest differences between a camping fan and the box fan you already have at home is its power source. Rather than a typical plug that fits into a household electrical outlet, camping fans rely on one of two power sources: batteries or a camping power bank. While some camping fans use double A batteries, it is more common for camping fans to use D cell batteries, and some even come with their rechargeable batteries that can’t be swapped out. Given that fresh batteries can be hard to procure while camping, and that camping fan power usage can vary considerably, it is recommended that you bring three or four sets of spares with you to ensure your camping fan has enough juice to last your entire trip. If you plan to use a power bank for your camping fan on your next trip, consider sizing up to a larger camping power bank or bringing along a solar panel to recharge the bank on trips where you will be out for multiple days.


There are a number of ways that camping fans can inadvertently cause injury, so considering potential pain points in advance can help prevent any negative outcomes. If you are camping somewhere with variable weather, for instance, consider whether your camping fan will need to be covered at nighttime or when not in use. For anyone that is planning to hook up their camping fan overhead, look to see how secure the connection point is (those velcro tabs may not cut it), and whether they will need to be reinforced with something sturdier. Finally, if you are camping with small children (and their small fingers), it’s always worth checking to ensure that fans are both out of reach and have safety mechanisms to prevent injury.

Most Versatile:ipanergy Portable Stroller Fan

Key Features

  • Power source: 2600mAh rechargeable battery
  • Fan speeds: three
  • Warranty: 30 days

Why It Made the Cut

Innumerable configurations make the ipanergy portable fan easy to set up wherever you want to cool off. 


  • Quiet
  • Set it up as a stationary fan, attach it to a table, or hang it from your tent’s ceiling
  • Can be used to charge other devices


  • Less durable than other picks on this list


Product Description

If you aren’t sure how or where you’ll want to use your camping fan, then this portable option from ipanergy offers plenty of options. Rather than having a solid base to stand on or a hook to hang with, it has three legs that fully bend. These allow you to wrap them around the leg of a canopy tent, attach to the side of a picnic table, perch on top of a rock, or even, thanks to its low weight, hook it to the tent’s ceiling. 

This fan is noted for being on the quiet side, so it may not be the best choice for someone looking for white noise while they fall asleep. For that, I recommend the best overall and best for tents picks. 

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