What are some tips for climbing?-ipanergy

by L YY
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What are some tips for climbing?-ipanergy
A. Equipped with the minimum equipment: hiking shoes, quick-drying clothes and pants, outdoor gloves for autumn and winter, and a hiking bag with appropriate capacity. Many times trekking poles can be made on the spot, that is, use and throw.

Second, reasonable distribution of physical strength, at any time a short break.

Third, the mountains that have not been climbed must be returned the same way. Therefore, in the summer and autumn when the vegetation is dense along the road should make the necessary markings in places where it is easy to get lost.

No matter what height you climb to, start turning back an hour before sunset and do not try to reach the top.

Five, no matter how difficult the road up the mountain do not be afraid, to a certain height will naturally see the "big road" down the mountain. This one is tried and true.

Six, off the beaten track to be careful of wild boars and other dangerous animals.

Seven, the more familiar places can explore the "loop", more interesting.

Eight, biodegradable garbage can be left behind, the rest of the garbage take away.
by L YY


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