What are the safety precautions for camping?-Panergy

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What are the safety precautions for camping?-Panergy

Because of the usual work and study is very busy, so when people are not so busy, they like to go out to find some fun, and camping is one of the choices, camping has many benefits, not only to let people breathe fresh air, but also to cultivate sentiment, so what are the camping safety precautions? What are the issues that we should pay attention to? Let's learn more about it next.

  Construction of recreation area: recreation area can be in the dining area, to be cleaned out after dining can be, if the site is large, you can also set aside a separate piece of land, as long as the site is flat, while the site tripping, touching the head (short trees) to less things, and thus to carry out general cleanup, in playing some games should be pulled in a delineated circle to protect the rope, so as to avoid inattention to accidents.

  Wild weather tips: In the outdoor travel should know some basic knowledge of weather, this book in chapter 7 some introduction, here is for the wild camping to introduce. Once in the outdoors, only at the mercy of God, we can only know nature, but can not sway nature. In addition to thunderstorms, heavy winds and snow, we should stop and rest, but we can continue to act in all other cases. Camping in the wild requires more consideration of weather issues.

  Rainproof: Rainproofing is an important issue in camping weather considerations. If you judge that it is likely to rain that night, you should make the necessary rainproof treatment for the camp and tents, in addition to choosing a good camp, you need to dig flood ditches, reinforce the tents and enhance the rainproof performance, such as you can cover the tents with rainproof plastic sheeting, raincoats, etc., and place various travel supplies in the tents, etc. Rain prevention should be observed before camping weather changes, often travel out more observation more experience will master is a big lament.

  Wind: wind direction corresponding to camping is more important, related to the tent door, stove mouth open to and the overall layout of the camp areas. This requires some knowledge of topography and climate, camping by the big lakes, the wind direction is the opposite of the morning and evening changes, daytime, the ground temperature rises quickly, the wind is to the land scraping; night, the ground temperature drops quickly, the wind to the lake scraping. Therefore, the tent door should be open to the wind, and the stove mouth should be open to the wind. In the hot and dry mountains also have a similar situation, during the day, due to the valley (valley) temperature rise slower than the slopes (mountain tops), is upward airflow, that is, the valley up wind, while the night is downward airflow, the wind to the valley scraping. Therefore, when camping in the valley, this situation should be considered in advance. Research wind direction and wind power, corresponding to outdoor sports is more important, the conditions can bring a wind wind table, or according to the following table to find out the wind, in the diary may wish to record the maximum wind speed of the day.

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