What equipment do you need for hiking-Panergy

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What equipment do you need for hiking-Panergy

What equipment do you need for hiking

Medicine box/bag, 21 gold vitamins, cold medicine, gastrointestinal medicine, plateau reflective medicine (Rhodiola oral liquid), Sanli pain, trauma medicine Yunnan Baiyao. Band-aid, white flower oil, safflower oil, motion sickness medicine, gauze, cotton swabs, tape, insect repellent medicine (anthrax, restorative). Huo Xiang Zheng Qi Pills or Huang Lian Su, hemostatic patches, ammonia When bitten or stung by insects, apply ammonia to the wound after applying a cold compress with ice or cool water. When stung by a bee, use tweezers etc. to pluck out the stinger before applying ammonia or milk
Personal wear items.
A, hiking equipment of clothing
1, rushing clothes and pants (outdoor activities necessary, windproof, waterproof, breathable, wear-resistant ......)
2, fleece jacket (including WINDSTOPPER, mainly windproof, warm)
3、Wicking underwear (to keep the body dry after outdoor sports)
4、Quick dry clothes and pants (necessary for summer travel, pants and sleeves are preferably removable)
5, down clothing and pants (winter travel or go to the plateau area of warm necessary)
6, other personal clothing (disposable underwear, sweatshirt T-shirt ......)

Second, hiking equipment of footwear
1, hiking shoes (adaptable, wear-resistant, waterproof, preferably high-top, can protect the ankle called)
2、Lightweight sports and leisure shoes (suitable for general excursions, or when driving)
3、Sports sandals (can be worn as slippers, summer hiking can also be worn directly)
4, sweat socks (preferably COOLMAX material, with GORE-TEX shoes to wear, can drain the foot sweat, winter can prevent frostbite)
5, ordinary sports socks (cotton, wear comfortable on the line)
6, snow cover (in the snow or slush road is very useful)
Three, hiking equipment hat, gloves, glasses
1, sun hat (round edge, baseball cap type, random preference, can block the sun on the line)
2, fleece cap (mainly to keep warm)
3, thin gloves (mainly for the convenience of activities, such as photography and other uses)
4, thick gloves (mainly warmth effect)
5, glasses (sports type is better, the main function is to shade the sun, can also be used to swing cool)

Personal equipment supplies.
A, hiking equipment of the backpack chapter
1, large backpack (short-distance camping or long-distance travel must, to carry comfortable and can bear the weight is better, 45-variable)
2, small backpack (short trips or long-distance backup, with a certain backpack, 15-variable)
3, waist bag or satchel (long-distance travel to put small things with you, preferably the kind that can put a water bottle)
4, camera bag (according to personal needs, crossbody is more convenient to access the lens)

Summer essential equipment

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