What should you consider to choose the best stroller fans?--ipanergy

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What should you consider to choose the best stroller fans?--ipanergy

Choosing a stroller fan for your baby is not very easy. Considering a few things you can choose a good quality stroller fan which is useful to use for a long time. You will be guided by how you can choose an ideal stroller fan.

•Fan Body Case: 

There are many fans in the market, whose cases are very slotted; it is dangerous for every child. The reason is that small fingers of your baby can easily penetrate into this case, when the fan is moving, more likely to cut fingers on fan blades. Generally, the fan blade is made of sharp metal; it is likely to cause severe damage if the blade touches the baby's hand. So you have to choose fans that have blades; designed to maintain adequate distance from the case. Moreover, the body of the fan must be strong, as if it can withstand any kind of bump. Even if the fan goes beyond the hand, then the fan body remains intact.

Fan blades: 

Many customers complain that the blade of the fan made of foam; in that case, considering the safety of the child might have been prepared in such a way. But it is not possible with foam blades as it is necessary to keep your baby cool, so you would choose fans of blades that are made of plastic or heavy metal. However, it must be taken care that the fan blades are not near the case.

•Noise level: 

This is an important issue. It’s not just children; adults too generally do not like the noise. Of course, you don’t want your child to wake up at the sound of the fan, or sleep disturbances. So choosing a soundless fan is a good decision for you.

•Weight & Dimensions: 

Use of light fan for children. Because in most cases the fan must be attached to the stroller's handle or canopy. In this case, the fan must be light, and when it is not necessary to use the fan, it must be stored in a small bag. So smaller in size and less weight is convenient for you to carry.

•Operating mode: 

Usually, the stroller fan is powered by the chargeable battery, and the battery is charged with the USB cable by connecting with a laptop, power bank, Notepad or charger.

Our Favorite Features

•Battery: 2200 mah, 3.7 V
•Weight:0.6 oz
•Output voltage:DC4V-6V
•Output current:0.35A-1A
•Wind power at 1M:>2.5m/s

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