What Your Favorite Camping Food Says About You - Panergy

by Regina Wu
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What Your Favorite Camping Food Says About You - Panergy


A simple meal. A classic. You like the down time of camping just as much as you like the fast games and chance for adventure. You're happy hiking down hills, swimming in cool rivers, or sitting in a chair watching the sunset fade into dark. For you, camping is a complete and full experience. You're happy to be camping, plain and simple.What camping food says about you




Warm and inviting. A commitment to craft and cuisine. You appreciate the time and slow cook that a stew offers. You experience camping, and life, with that same appreciation. Take your time. Taste the experience and let the flavors do their work. Learn and react. In control, always reasonable, but with a dash of something special.camping stew



Refreshing and relaxed. You enjoy people. Whether it be school, work, or camping; the person to person experience is the thing you enjoy the most. Sure, sometimes those experiences are a little flat and bitter, but for the most part that human connection is as inviting as a cold beer. You're a good worker, a great friend, and even better partner.camping beer



Gamey and deep of flavor. You appreciate process. The process of gaining respect. You work slow and with honor. When you hunt, it's not about the kill. It's about using your hands, decisions, and skills to take an animal and make the most out of it. You don't waste in life, hunting, or camping. You're trusted and well respected. Deservedly.



Flexible and fun. You, much like chili, are a myriad of things. You're an adventurer and a homebody. You are happy to stay home and enjoy a night to yourself or a crazy party. When you're home alone you fit into that life perfectly. When you are out you become affable and charismatic. You are never fake, you just have many layers. Finding which layer is best and using it is second nature. Heck, you don't even realize you do it. You just fit in.camping food chili



Warm and inviting. You're not too much for sleeping in. You enjoy your six hours each night, but the fresh morning staring at you in the face is too much for you to pass up. You start the day running, making the most out every second. Some people might call you lucky, or gifted. But in truth you are committed to movement. You never stop, and the results follow.Spire Pancakes



Sweet and savory. People might think you are the most confusing person they know, while still being genuine and real. You have moments of high delight; fun, fast, and entertaining. But you also have slower moments; take your time and really hash it out. You have responses to every situation. Sometimes people look at you like you're insane, sometimes you leave them laughing for hours. Either way it is clear you live in your own world, and only a few are able to visit it for very long. But those that can become your best friends.camping foods
Each food is a reflection of the person we are. Camping foods tend to be pure and free of distractions, making a clear and focused reflection. We are obviously more complicated that just a simple meal or snack, but, as campers, we tend to put more heart and soul, more of who we are, into the foods we eat.

by Regina Wu


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