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by Regina Wu
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Which camper are you - Panergy

Sometimes, one size does not fit all.

As anyone who has ever set up a tent would know, campers come in all types. From the easy going to the slow going, there are endless categories of camper.

And we think these differences are worth celebrating. So, to honour tent lovers all over Australia, we’ve created this not-so-serious-but-there’s-some-truth-to-it list of camper types.

Do you spot yourself somewhere among these categories?

The Overpacker

Would take the kitchen sink with them on a camping trip if room allowed. Known for packing more clothes than would fit into a standard clothing donation bin – as well as all manner of items, many of which don’t see the light of day for the duration of the getaway. Often the butt of many a joke during the camping trip.

Guaranteed to: Somehow manage to forget an essential item.

The Underpacker

In complete contrast to the Overpacker, the Underpacker has a great ability to stuff all they need for a camping trip into a bag the size of a shoebox. It’s almost miraculous. Almost. Because, at some point, the Underpacker begins asking their fellow campers to spot them everything from toothpaste to a spare t-shirt.

Known for saying: “I must’ve left it on the kitchen bench.”

The Weather Worrier

Too hot, too cold, too windy, too sunny. Doesn’t matter what the conditions are, the Weather Worrier is constantly predicting Armageddon during the camping trip. Is likely to knock back an invitation to just about every outdoor activity that’s been planned and then bemoans being left out of group activities.

Guaranteed to: Give you weather updates every five minutes. 

The Easy Rider

Never fazed or frazzled, the Easy Rider shrugs off any incident, challenge, or problem whether it’s mozzies, missing tent pegs, a dodgy tent or even more serious matters like the threat of Armageddon – as prescribed by the Weather Worrier – or even warm beer. Generally great company to have on a camping trip.

Known for saying: “I didn’t hear anything last night” or “No worries, mate.”

The Decision Maker

Also known as the Leader or the General; sometimes self-appointed, sometimes just assumed. The Decision Maker spends most of their time pointing at maps or guides as if plotting a course for troops about to embark on a battle. While sometimes scorned for appearing to be self-serving, the Decision Maker is generally seen as vital to the success of a camping holiday.

Known for saying: “We could do it that way, but…”

The Know-it-all

Usually a veteran of the camping scene, the Know-it-all has the strongest opinion on any tent-related topic. From the best brands for camping gear to the best camping spots in Australia, the Know-it-all is an encyclopedia on the subject, and insists that everyone must hear their thoughts. Is known to clash with the Decision Maker.

Known for saying: “You’re doing it wrong!”

The Chef

Whether whipping up eggs and bacon in the morning or cooking a hearty stew in the evening, the Chef is likely to spend more time in the camp kitchen than anywhere else. Takes their job super seriously, doesn’t like fellow guests getting in their way, and generally acts as though they’re in a sudden death situation on a reality TV cooking show. On the upside, the Chef fries up some damn good feasts.

Guaranteed to: Stare at fellow guests while they are eating.

The Reminiscer

Camping is one of those activities that encourages reflection, and the Reminiscer thrives in this environment. Is usually armed with more stories than a library, constantly refers to the ‘good old days’, and has several unrealistic camping claims to fame (did I tell you that time I wrestled an angry pack of gigantic koalas?). The Reminiscer also bemoans that ‘their’ hidden-gem town has become ‘too touristy’ and is guaranteed to think glamping absolutely isn’t anything like camping.

Known for saying: “Back in my day…’

The Early Riser

Whether they’ve gone to bed early or late the night before, the Early Riser bounds around the campsite like a kangaroo, all before the crack of dawn. Often assumes all other guests share their love of early mornings. In some cases, the Early Riser has an incredible knack of creating the maximum amount of noise from the simplest of actions, such an unzipping the fly of a tent.

Known for saying: “You missed a cracking sunset this morning.”

The Energiser

While easy to get along with, the Energiser has an almost impossible amount of energy, so much so that it can become irritating. Is likely to shrug off a 10km hike as a 'walk around the block' and follow it up with a bike ride or a few hours on the tennis or basketball court. The Energiser is often first to wake and last to sleep, and then proceeds to do it all over again the next day. Gets along well with the Early Riser, at least in the AM part of the day.

Known for saying: “Don’t be so lazy.”

The Reluctant Camper

Needs bucket-loads of convincing to come along on a camping trip and carries on as though they’ve been asked to donate a kidney, sit through a three-hour documentary on the disintegration of banana skins, or attend a Nickleback concert. Likely to be seen moping in their tent or staring jealously at cabin stayers, and guaranteed to bring on rain.

Known for saying: “This is the last time I ever do this” (and yet returns year after year).

by Regina Wu


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