Which outdoor stool is best?-panergy

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Which outdoor stool is best?-panergy

Which outdoor stool is best?

Whether hiking through a forest or relaxing on your patio, sometimes you need a quick option for seating. An outdoor stool is a good solution. These foldable instant seats let you take a load off when other chairs are unavailable.

What to know before you buy an outdoor stool

Weight limit

You’ll need to make sure that the outdoor stool you select can hold all of the people who use it. At a minimum, the stool should support 200 pounds, but some can support 450 pounds or more. If you like to snuggle around a campfire with a child in your lap, consider buying a stool that holds more weight.


The construction of your camping stool is a crucial piece of the puzzle regarding durability and performance.

  • The frame: Although aluminum is a lightweight choice that works well for backpackers or those who prefer long hikes, they don’t hold as much weight and are prone to dents and dings. If you plan to use the stool in more rugged places, consider powder-coated stainless steel for rust prevention and sturdy construction.
  • The seat: The seats may be made from weatherproof canvas or oxford fabric. Oxford fabric blends cotton and polyester for stain resistance in a lightweight and tough fabric.

Not sure which type of construction will work best for you? Consider a telescoping stool made completely from plastic. These won’t rust or mold, but they are heavier and are best for car camping or as extra seating on a patio.

Easy to carry

Although some use an outdoor stool for a quick seat in their garden or around the pool, some hikers like to bring some comfort with them on the trail. If you prefer your seating on the go, make sure it is lightweight and comes with a bag or carrying strap.

What to look for in a quality outdoor stool

Stability on uneven ground

Not all outdoor stools are created equal. Some work better on uneven terrain, while others wobble at the slightest change in elevation.

  • Tripod: As the name suggests, tripod outdoor stools have three legs. These are generally the smallest in terms of both seat size and height, but they fold easily and are the most stable choice.
  • Four legs: Four legs may seem sturdy, but they can rock if the ground is too uneven. They also weigh more.
  • Scissor style: A scissor-style stool has two u-shaped legs that are opened and closed, just as their name suggests. These are not particularly sturdy and best for use on paved surfaces.
  • Telescoping: Less common and the least sturdy of all, telescoping stools feature pieces that interlock to raise and lower the height of the seat. They are adjustable and work for kids and adults alike.

Ample seating

When choosing the best outdoor stool, take the time to measure your favorite chair. This will give you a good idea of what type of surface area you need to sit comfortably.

Carrying bag or strap

Most outdoor stools have at least a strap you can sling over your shoulder. Others come with a dedicated bag that protects them from the weather, too.

Additional features

Some stools allow you to charge your devices with a built-in USB charger. Others have pockets for storage and pads on the feet to keep them stable. Consider features that are must-haves and nice-to-haves in a portable outdoor seat.

How much you can expect to spend on an outdoor stool

Expect to spend $15-$60 on an outdoor stool. This broad range covers the quality of construction and whether or not the stools come in a pair.

Use them:

  • In a shower (indoor or outdoor)
  • In the garden
  • For story time in the park
  • As seating at a water or activity table
  • On a boat when fishing
  • For seating at events (e.g., concerts)
  • When getting up or down from the ground is not possible
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