Why Camping is the Best Father Son Trip - Panergy

by Regina Wu
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Why Camping is the Best Father Son Trip - Panergy

This is especially true on father-son camping trips.  Dads have used camping to strengthen paternal bonds for decades, and there really isn't a better way for fathers and sons to bond.  best Father Son TripFor your next trip, bring your father or son along with you. Father/son camping trips offer:


Provided that dads don't allow their kids to bring along a smartphone or tablet--or that they make strict rules for these types of devices--camping will give you a chance to connect without all the, er, connections.

Most people spend all day looking at screens, and a high-input lifestyle doesn't make bonding any easier.  When you camp, you turn everything off and just enjoy each other's company without worrying about the latest stock numbers or sports scores.  It's a refreshing feeling.



Regardless of how you camp, you're going to have a lot of opportunities to talk with your companions.  Fathers and sons often have trouble breaching the conversation barrier, but there's little else to do on a well-planned trip.


You'll fish, bike, hike or build a campfire while discussing anything that comes to mind.  When you head back from camp, you'll find it easier to start discussions, and that's an invaluable benefit that only a camping trip can provide.



You'll need to set up tents, start campfires, dock boats and handle a number of other activities during your trip.  An extra hand makes everything easier, of course, and it also helps you learn to cooperate with your father or son.

Cooperative camping activities also lead to a shared sense of pride in the finished product, which really makes for an incredible experience.  You learn something about your camping companions and build a connection that you couldn't get at home.



You might be the most jaded guy in the world, but it's hard not to lose your breath when you look up to see thousands of stars that are invisible in your home sky.  Likewise, catching the eye of a deer or identifying a rare songbird can give you an outstanding thrill--it's why we camp.
Father/son camping trips turn this singular experience into a shared experience, and neither of you will ever forget it.  You get to enjoy nature together, and that deepens the feelings of appreciation and awe substantially while helping you build a lifelong bond.

by Regina Wu


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