5 Must-have Camping Tools Every Camper Needs - Panergy

by Regina Wu
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5 Must-have Camping Tools Every Camper Needs - Panergy

When you're packing for a camping trip, you're typically thinking about convenience. You'll pack biodegradable soap, trash bags, lighter fluid and dozens of other items, but many campers accidentally forget to bring essential camping tools with them when they head out.

If you leave for a camping trip without packing these five items, you're in for a rough time.

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There's no more classic symbol of camping than a tent. Pick up a quality tent with strong fabric, especially if you need protection from thunderstorms, snowstorms or other harsh weather.
Be sure to pick an appropriately sized tent for your trip. If you're going on a family vacation, you'll need a large tent with about 30 square feet of floor space for each person. If you're camping alone or with a friend, you can probably get by on about 18 square feet per person.




You can use a knife to build a fire, prepare food, cut cords and handle dozens of other tasks. Multi-purpose knives are an excellent option for regular campers, but don't buy a cheap multi-purpose knife or you'll get frustrated the first time that you need to gut a fish or handle any other precision task.
Look for a high-quality knife designed specifically for camping and read plenty of user reviews before making your selection.



3. AN AXE.

Your knife can't handle everything, and a good axe serves several purposes on a camping trip. You can use the axe to cut through wood to build a fire or to clear away brush during a hike, and you can use the blunt side of the axe when you're setting up your tent or handling any other task that requires a hammer.
Again, don't skimp. Pay for a high-quality axe designed specifically for camping and make sure to put your axe away every night to avoid rust.




You'll need to get around in the dark, and small pen lights won't provide enough illumination. Pack a good heavy-duty flashlight or headlamp and an extra set of batteries.
If you want a light that you can keep on for long periods of time without worrying about running down a battery, pick up an LED light. Battery-powered LED lamps can provide great illumination for 30 hours or more per charge.




Most campers bring their smartphones or other gadgets along for the trip. We recommend shutting off your phone to enjoy the camping experience, but there are some situations where a gadget could come in handy--most newer phones have global positioning systems, for instance, which come in handy during a hike. It's also a good idea to keep your phone around in case you need help in an emergency.
Unfortunately, smartphones have limited batteries that only last for 4-12 hours depending on usage. You can make sure that you're phone's ready for you when you need it by picking up a solar charger or a hand-cranked generator. Several companies offer generators with USB outputs, although you'll need to crank for about three minutes to get a minute of talk time, so don't plan on browsing the Internet from the comfort of your tent. Some generators also have built-in radios, flashlights, solar panels and other features that will make your camping trip a lot easier.


When buying any camping gear, make sure to keep your campsite in mind; if you're camping in the Everglades, for instance, you'll need a very different set of tools than if you're camping in the Midwest. Of course, you'll need more than these five items for your camping trip, but these basic tools should help you get through a few nights in the woods without too much trouble.

by Regina Wu


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