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by Regina Wu
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Beginner Camping - Clothing - Panergy

The transition from being a non-camper into being a camper can be a tedious and scary proposition. For some, the mere thought can prevent them from even trying. For others, they fail so miserably the first time that it seems like camping is not a worthy experience. This is truly a tragedy, but it can be easily avoided. In this series of six articles, we'll be going over the best ways to start off camping as a beginner. In each article we'll address a specific aspect of camping that beginners may not know about, and how to employ those aspects. In this, the second article, we'll go over the Clothing aspect of Camping for Beginner's.

Selecting the proper clothing for camping is a salient component to having a successful camping trip. In preparation for your trip you must take several variables into consideration. Not accounting for these variables can turn a successful camping trip into a horrible experience. I have generalized these variables into three categories: Weather, Storing, and Comfort.Beginner Camping Clothing


You must be prepared for anything the weather can throw at you. Not being properly equipped for the extremes of weather can limit your activities while you're out in the wild. Obviously the odds are against the chance that it may rain every day when you're out, but what if it does? If you skip on the right attire for such weather then you're setting yourselves up for failure. The same thing goes for extreme heat. Make sure you have enough cool clothes, and warm and dry clothes, to keep you protected during your entire stay. It's much better to have too many clothes than not enough.


Keeping your clothes, while not wearing them, from the elements is of the utmost importance. Far too many people have been completely prepared for the severe rains and snows only to leave their clothes on the floor of their tent and are surprised to find them soaked when they return to their camp after a few hours away. If you have a car with you, close to you, storing your clothes in the car can be a very good idea, especially if you don't have an abundance of room in your tent. If your car is not near, you can store your clothes in your tent, just make sure they are protected from rain, snow, the cold, and condensation. A trash bag, closed tight, is surprisingly good for this. You should have two bags, one for clean, dry clothes; one for dirty or wet clothes.


Being comfortable while camping is mostly about your preparation. As long as you've packed the right amount of clothes for your area and the time of your stay, you'll be able to keep yourself comfortable. The reason comfort is so salient is because it keeps you happy while you're out exploring a new world, the world of camping. While comfort let's you enjoy and focus on camping, it also keeps you safe. As long as you're being comfortable you know that you're not likely to get sick, because of having wet or dirty clothes. And, after all, you're camping as a way to relax, being comfortable is obviously something that warrants attention.

As far as clothing is concerned while camping, you just want to employ the right mindset (which is having too much is better than having too little) and to prepare for whatever can happen. If something can go wrong, expect it to, just in case. This way you'll always have peace of mind and, more importantly, dry socks.

by Regina Wu


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