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by Regina Wu
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Beginner Camping - Panergy


The transition from being a non-camper into being a camper can be a tedious and scary proposition. For some, the mere thought can prevent them from even trying. For others, they fail so miserably the first time that it seems like camping is not a worthy experience. This is truly a tragedy, but it can be easily avoided. In this series of six articles, we'll be going over the best ways to start off camping as a beginner. In each article we'll address a specific aspect of camping that beginners may not know about, and how to employ those aspects. In this, the first article, we'll be going over the Mindset aspect of Camping for Beginners.
Beginner Camping Mindset
The first, and most sweeping, aspect for a beginner camper is to have the proper mindset. The proper mindset prepares you while making all the other choices and decisions that a beginner camper has to make.

This mindset, basically, is that too much is generally better than too little. This is a beginner's mindset, remember, not a mindset for all camper's. We'll get there in time.

Let's take a look at this mindset in action, shall we? Let's say you're off to your first camping trip with friends or family. You're all relatively new to camping, in a new location, doing a new thing. Let's say you pack too little food. What happens?

Well, obviously someone has to go out to get more food. It's become an event. A problem. The person that leaves to get food is removed from the atmosphere of camping. It has soured the event.

Now, let's say you've packed too much food. Everyone can eat plenty. No one has to leave and remove themselves from the experience. You can even invite other people over for whatever you're making, perhaps making a friend or two. The only hassle is having a couple extra bags or boxes with you.

As you can see, having too little is a true determent. Having too much is a small inconvenience. But, it doesn't end there. Let's say you packed too little, and are now planning another camping event. The thoughts of roaming through an unknown supermarket in the middle of night will be very clear. Here, camping is now a negative experience for you. If, instead, you had packed too much food, then you can have a clear mind to understand what you can probably go without. Now, the next time you go camping, it's smoother, easier, better. Camping is becoming your thing now, something that relates to you. That's why we have chosen this mindset, to keep us interested in camping.

This mindset is something we can employ will all aspects of camping, not just our food. Clothing, gear, supplies, and even options for locations can all be scary things to prepare the right amount for. But with over preparation you'll keep things going smooth. It's a lot easier to try and take a little bit away each time we camp, instead of adding some arbitrary amount because we have no solid ground to base off of. This way, we keep ourselves happy while we learn what we need for having a good camping experience.

by Regina Wu


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