Best Camping Fan to Keep Your Tent Cool—Panergy

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Best Camping Fan to Keep Your Tent Cool—Panergy

Are you looking for the best camping fan to take on your summer trip? Staying cool in a tent can be tough, and a portable fan will definitely help keep you comfortable on those hot summer nights.

The wrong tent fan, though, could be a waste of time. You don’t want a fan that keeps you awake because it’s so noisy, or a fan that needs the batteries changing constantly.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some different types of fans to consider, then we’ll share the five best fans for tent camping.

Overview of Fan Types

There are two key types of fan you’ll want to consider:

  • Battery powered fans: these will need their batteries changing or charging periodically. Most take D-cell batteries, normally either 2 or 4 at a time, depending on the size of the fan. Some battery powered fans are rechargeable, usually through a USB cable.
  • Solar powered fans: these are charged up by solar power, though will often have the option to be charged using a power bank too. They tend to be more expensive than battery powered fans. Obviously, they’ll only work if the weather is sunny rather than just hot.

We analyzed lots of different options, went through Amazon reviews, and picked out the very best of the best options for you.

Best Battery Powered Fans

Are you looking for the best battery powered fan for camping? You can’t go wrong with any of these battery operated fans. We’ve chosen a top pick in several different categories, to help make your choice as easy as possible.

The Cheapest Tent Fan

The O2COOL 5” portable fan is a durable and easy-to-use fan that has both a high and a low speed. It’s incredibly good value, and makes a great budget option if you want a simple and robust fan. 


  • This fan was very highly rated by campers, with one Amazon reviewer saying, We bought this for tent camping and it was perfect. Tents can get warm and this moved the air around just enough. Great value for the cost!
  • The batteries last well, with several reviewers able to run the fan for longer than they expected before needing to change them: one reviewer said they lasted on high for four nights and were still going strong.
  • The fan blades are covered by a safety grill, preventing little fingers from getting hurt.
  • You can choose from a range of colors for the fan (black, grey, khaki, blue, and pink).
  • The fan is very quiet while in use, making it a great option for sleeping soundly in your tent.
  • It’s easy to get the batteries in and out, as the battery compartment has an up and down lid that snaps into place.


  • It’s quite a small fan, and definitely best for personal use – so you’ll want to buy a fan for each person camping.
  • A few reviewers felt the fan was a bit flimsy, with one saying that, Also, the fan housing is so flimsy you can’t pick up the fan without the whole casing collapsing onto the fan blades it’s so flimsy. Most reviewers were happy with the fan’s quality, however.


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