Best Portable Camping Fans in Australia – Stay Cool Outdoors!-ipanergy

by Zoe Lin
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Best Portable Camping Fans in Australia – Stay Cool Outdoors!-ipanergy

We all know how hot it can get in Australia, especially around the time of year when the weather is great for camping. We all know as well, that it doesn’t have to be very hot at all for our tents or caravans to become stuffy and uncomfortable, especially when it’s time to sleep.

Part of the idea of camping is to move away from the comforts of home and to 'rough it' a little while away. For those that really don't like the heat, portable camping air conditioners are an option, however, they are expensive and need mains power to really work well.

For everyone else, fans are the way to go. You can use a fan that runs on a lot less power than an AC unit, they are safe to use inside of tents or caravans and all have a guard to prevent little kids from putting their fingers inside them.

We have reviewed the best fans for camping in Australia, so read on, and gather our insights and you may find the fan to keep you cool next time you head out for a camping trip.

Best Portable Camping Fans

Outdoor Connection ipanergy 12V Fan

Outdoor Connection Breezeway 12V Fan
The Outdoor Connection Breezeway 12V fan is a great camping fan that runs off your vehicle’s accessory charger. It has a nice 30 cm width that will provide a good steady airflow in your tent to cool it down and allow a couple of people to sleep soundly.

It is a simple plug and turn on style fan that comes with its own little stand and a carry handle that you can use to hang it up higher if you wanted. The fan has three speeds it can run on so you can choose to just get the air moving around your tent space or have it flat out on very hot nights.

The majority of reviews are positive for this fan, with most people having no issue at all and happy with its performance. You need to have your vehicle close by or have a long extension cord running to your tent if you do plan on using the vehicle charging point rather than a separate 12V battery.

Coleman Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Fan 8"

Coleman Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Fan 8
Here is another fan that can run on batteries, AC or DC power, giving some flexibility to how you use it. It also has its own independent light source and two speeds to choose from. It has smaller blades at (20 cm instead of 30 cm) which means it won’t quite produce the same air flow.

The Coleman Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Fan is a solid performer for a single person tent or a small two-person space but isn't great at larger spaces. The majority of reviews where people are happy with this product is when it's used as an individual fan, not a fan for four kids in a medium-sized tent trying to sleep.

It also has a blue power indicator light that is actually quite bright and can keep people awake by illuminating their tent. Another small issue is that it struggles to reach a full battery charge if using solar panels out in the bush after a full day of sun.

It charges on AC power quickly with no problem. This is a fan best suited to one or two people in a small tent, with a bit of tape over the power light for a good night’s sleep.
by Zoe Lin


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