Best Travel Fans to Keep You Cool in Hot Destinations--ipanergy

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Best Travel Fans to Keep You Cool in Hot Destinations--ipanergy

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Headed somewhere hot and want a portable method to stay cool? We asked TFG readers to share their picks for the best travel fans so you can keep your temperature down!


Best Travel Fans

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Traveling to a warm destination can be tricky if some of your accommodation options don’t have air conditioning and you need to stay cool or you don’t want to overheat during an excursion like a sunset boat ride or a walking tour.

We’ve asked TFG readers to share their picks for the best portable fan for travel so you can stay cool no matter where you are!



Handheld Fans for Sightseeing





The JISULIFE 3in1 Pocket Handheld Mini Fan is slim and lightweight, perfect for dropping in your bag and pulling out whenever you need to cool down.

Another Disney travel fan favorite, one TFG reader says, “We go to Disney all the time and I hate the heat! I always bring my little fan that attaches to my phone and I LOVE it!!! I also use it when traveling. Everyone always comments on my fan and wishes they had one. We always bring a battery backup for our phones when we go to the parks so we have no problem with using the phone fan.”

This 3in1 mini handheld fan is USB rechargeable through regular usb socket, laptop, power bank or car charger, it also has soft wings that are safe to use near your fingers.




Travelon 3-Speed Folding Fan


Best Travel Fan for Packable Convenience


The Travelon Folding Fan is one of the best personal fan options on the market, per TFG recommendations.

It’s quiet, can hang or sit on a flat surface, and is light and easy to carry. One TFG reader shared, “I’ve used this one for a couple of years and it has worked well.”

It requires four AAA batteries and one reader says that it is “So handy, it has saved me when flying.” But be careful with medium to long length hair.




Tripole Mini Handheld Fan


Best Personal Fan for Hot Days


If you’re looking for a truly small travel fan then the Tripole Mini Handheld Fan is for you!

It can be thrown into your purse and carted around whenever you need it. One TFG reader shares, “I always use this fan when traveling, love the size.”

This is one of the best small travel fan models around and is loved by travelers who experience the occasional hot flash.




JISULIFE Portable Neck Fan Hands Free Bladeless Fan


Hands Free Portable Neck Fan


This hands free bladeless neck fan by JISULIFE can send the wind without clogging your hands by simply placing it on your neck. Designed without wings, it can be used safely by children and the elderly so you can cool down anywhere. It’s definitely a good choice for best personal fan.

One wearer shares, “I love this fan which looks like you have a pair of headphones resting on your neck. It’s powerful but not too noisy and keeps me cool, it runs on charge for quite a while, depending on what speed you have on, but its easy enough to charge up. With the cool air going straight to your neck it really makes a difference. I recommend this fan & great price too.”

Compact and lightweight for carrying. It is wearable throughout your daily lives without any sense of displacement or awkwardness.




VersionTECH Mini Handheld Fan


Versatile Small Travel Fan


The VersionTECH Mini Fan is a hand-held fan that is ideal for traveling according to TFG readers.

It can be hung, clipped, set on a table or held, making it perfect for someone who’s moving around. Its battery is rechargeable via a USB port and you can choose from three different speeds!

It comes in five colors and will fit perfectly into your bag. One TFG reader shares, “It is smaller and light, great for travel.”

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