Camp Cooking on a Diet - Panergy

by Regina Wu
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Camp Cooking on a Diet - Panergy

For those of us on a diet, a camping trip can become very dangerous for that diet. Not only do we lose our conviction to the diet while we are on vacations (after all, we're out relaxing, having a good time, and we have trouble focusing on our diet) but camping food is by no means considered healthy. Luckily, though, with a little forethought and some planning, you can stay on your diet while camping and still eat delicious food.Camping on a Diet


Breakfast is going to be your most important meal while camping (and usually when you're not camping), it gives you all the energy you'll need to start your day off right. Also, you'll be most likely out and about so you need something filling that will last for a while. I recommend Oatmeal with honey, with a peanut butter and banana sandwich. The Oatmeal is easy to cook just by getting some water boiled, and the sandwich is just as easy. This meal will leave you feeling full, good, and ready to tackle your day and get you to lunch.


Your choice for lunch has to be filling enough to get us to dinner or a snack, but usually has to be portable because we'll most likely be on the move. Tuna fish in a pita pocket with some chopped, raw vegetables is exactly what we're looking for. Tuna gives your energy a good boost and the vegetables make you full and satisfied; all while being portable. If you aren't keen on tuna fish, you can do canned chicken instead.


Finally, we've reached dinner. We've spent a lot of the day exploring and hiking, running and swimming, so we're pretty hungry. Plus, most people camping with us are going to be having a very filling meal, so we need to match that so we don't get tempted. Why not barbeque chicken and a baked potato? In order to keep this on the lean side, we have to take a couple steps. One : make sure the chicken doesn't have any skin. 2 : use a dry barbeque rub instead of a bottled one. And Three : don't put anything fattening on the potato, just some salsa will keep it tasty and keep you full.


The more active we are, the hungrier we'll be. So, we have to make sure we have some nice, filling snacks on hand. The best one, I feel, has to be trail mix. It's filling, hearty, and travels very well. Trail mix comes in numerous varieties, so you can pick out exactly what you want. Some have dried fruit and pretzels, some has chocolate and nuts. Some trail mix is basically as unhealthy as any snack anywhere else. Some are much healthier, so when choosing, you have to make sure you're picking out what will keep you healthy, while keeping you full.

As you can see, dieting and camping can co-exist as long as plan out a little bit. Obviously, you may not like everything listed here, but you get the idea of what you need to do for a camping diet. The food needs to be good, for your body and to your tongue. The food needs to be filling so you keep from eating too much, especially will all the extra activities you may be participating in. And portable, not everything you make at home can transition easily to camping. So, don't fret if you're on a diet and are about to camp, just keep a level head, prepare some, and eat like a king.

by Regina Wu


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