Camp Gear Storage Tips and Hacks-Panergy

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Camp Gear Storage Tips and Hacks-Panergy

When it comes to car camping gear, everyone is probably going to have a different list based on their family size, personal needs, and comfort level.

This post is really focused on car camping organization, so I’m going to show you what categories of camp gear I pack, but keep in mind that you might want to tweak it depending on your personal needs.

When I’m packing for a car camping trip, there are 4 main categories of things that I need to remember to bring:

1) Kitchen Gear

This includes things like my stove, propane, a water jug, and other camp cooking equipment. For a full breakdown of my car camping kitchen essentials, check out this blog post.

2) Food

This includes planning out camping meals and snacks, and packing the necessary ingredients in my pantry bin (more on this below) or the cooler.

3) Shelter And Sleeping

This category of gear is all about the things that you need to create shelter, warmth, and comfort when you sleep. For me, this would include things like a tent, my sleeping pad, sleeping bags and blankets, and a lantern or headlamp for when it gets dark.

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4) Personal Items

The last category is all about my personal items like clothing, jackets, toiletries, and maybe even some camp games, a book, or a journal.

My personal items such as clothes and toiletries, are all packed within one duffel bag so I that I always know where to find my jacket and toothbrush.

Now Let’s Talk About Camping Organization Hacks!

Now that you see the big picture of what I pack camping, below we’re going to dive deep into the bin storage system that I use.

This will save you so much time and stress when packing!

Car camping tent setup in Arizona.

Car Camping Organization

I don’t just throw everything randomly into the car.

Instead, the kitchen gear and pantry items are organized into bins.

When packing for a camping trip, I place the bins in the car first, and then organize everything else around it so that things don’t shift as I drive.

I’ve talked about the bin system in some of my other camping hacks videos, but here I wanted to dive deeper into what I actually pack.

If you haven’t already, check out this camping hacks blog post where I first talk about the camping bins.



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