Camping Equipment | What is the entry-level equipment for newcomers? -ipanergy

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Camping Equipment | What is the entry-level equipment for newcomers? -ipanergy

Catching up with the special period, the holiday leisure also become tied up, can not go far, but can not stay at home all day, while the sun is bright, out camping is a good choice!

Of course, camping is not just a matter of going away and bringing a tent to solve all the problems, it requires a lot of prep.

First list out the approximate purchase list

Tent, if you need to camp overnight, it is recommended to choose an Oxford cloth material, better quality, convenient storage, in addition to pay attention to the tent space is not to meet all the rest
Canopy, more close to nature, shade and sun protection effect is good
Mat, (moisture-proof mat, inflatable mattress) if you need to spend the night, it is recommended to choose a good stability, convenient inflatable mat
Omelet table, folding chairs, the necessity of placing things for leisure
Camping car, carrying equipment, save energy
Fans, essential for camping

In addition to these essential items, you should also remember to prepare a good storage box, folding fan, ignition, portable medicine box, mosquito incense, rechargeable treasure, portable cooking utensils, tableware and other household items according to the camping location Oh ~

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