Camping has become popular, what does it mean?-Panergy

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Camping has become popular, what does it mean?-Panergy

  Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, people are restricted from long-distance travel such as cross-province tours and outbound tours, replaced by concepts such as peripheral tours and micro-travel. Among them, camping has ushered in unprecedented heat, meeting the needs of consumers to relax close to nature and allowing practitioners who are struggling to make a living to see the opportunities. Will camping be a window of opportunity for the tourism industry to grow against the trend? Is the camping industry a good business choice?

  Data shows that the recent national purchase of outdoor camping products such as picnic supplies, hammock products, tents (mats) and other products has increased exponentially, and camping-related businesses have sprung up. Online sales of various types of camping products are booming, and offline camping sites are difficult to book, making people feel that the potential of camping can not be underestimated. The steep increase in market size has made many businesses eager to try and get a piece of the pie at the mouth of the wind. But in fact, it is not easy to ride the wind.

  The popularity of camping has first driven the sales of related equipment. In the face of rapidly growing market demand, many companies into the field of camping equipment production and sales, so that in the country is still a niche outdoor equipment production industry "crowd boiling". Accompanied by the objective existence of capacity, material supply constraints, as well as design plagiarism, low-price competition and other industry chaos.

  There are also many businesses looking at the camping site business. At present, China's camping market is still in its infancy, most consumers still do not spend money to go to a professional camping site consumption habits, and the current camp homogenization is serious, affecting the product repurchase rate. If you want to do a chain of campsites or build a high-quality camp, it involves a series of inputs such as land acquisition, planning and design, as well as follow-up operation and maintenance, which is a big challenge for many businesses.

  Camping in the overall industry downturn against the background of the trend, no doubt to the sluggish cultural tourism market injected a "stimulant": this new track allows tourism practitioners to have a direction of investment, the hot camping scene also allows the tourism industry to see the potential consumer demand, boosting the confidence of the industry.

  However, it should also be recognized that the current camping market is still in its infancy, and there is a certain uncertainty in the development prospects. Businesses interested in deepening the camping industry, whether they are looking at equipment manufacturing or have the intention to join the venue business, may wish to sink their hearts and minds, return to the original intention, in product quality, consumer experience more efforts to allow consumers to find the fun of interacting with nature through the products they provide. After all, the Netflix card-type consumption is not durable, only after the precipitation, cultivate the user's consumption habits to truly form a sustainable purchasing power. In addition, businesses should also actively adapt to changes in market demand, create special products to meet the needs of different consumers, and build a moat for themselves through differentiated products.

  For a long time, China's short-distance travel market once lack of small and beautiful travel products, this time, camping just to fill the market vacancy. But this emerging industry to go a long way, the industry lacks a perfect system, clear standards and the necessary talent pool, want to join the track business should be based on their own specific rational decision-making, to avoid swarming into homogeneous competition.

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