Camping Necessities: 10 That Are Far Too Easy to Forget - Panergy

by Regina Wu
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Camping Necessities: 10 That Are Far Too Easy to Forget - Panergy

The only stressful part of camping you can count on is the morning you pack for the trip. Everyone is running back and forth, forgetting small items and trying to add it to the back of the car before Mom or Dad finish cramming every square inch of the car full of necessary items. It can be pandemonium. Even if you or your significant other are the type of individual who thrives on checklists and keeps all your camping gear in neat, stacked bins stored in the far left corner of your garage, let's face it, we all forget things when camping. It's not hard to do. Think of how many items we use each day just in our normal life. Now try to condense that into the 'have to have' list and fit it all in your car. You're bound to forget something, especially if you only go camping in the summer, and it's not a routine occurrence. So the next time you're writing your camping list, be sure to double check the following items:

Camping Necessities



We can't tell you how many times the one thing you forgot to bring is the wood for the fire. Many campgrounds also restrict campers from gathering wood from their surroundings. The worst part about forgetting it, is that you typically don't recognize that you forgot it until it's dark and cold and the family is huddling together waiting for you to bring warmth back into their world.


Whether it's for wiping the sloppy joe mix off of your 5 year old's face, getting hands clean before dinner, or giving yourself a tent wipe down after a long dusty day Wet Wipes are indispensable on a camping trip!


Lanterns and flashlights are not typically forgotten on a camping trip, but the lifespan of the batteries that power their light are hard to keep track of. Just to safe, pack a couple extra batteries in case the lanterns go out one night on the camping trip.


Duct tape has a million uses in a camping trip. It mends tent tears, can patch sleeping bad tears, can secure table cloths in a windy day, and can seal food canisters to keep them from leaking. In a pinch, it comes in handy.


Cooking on an open fire is not as popular now as it used to be, especially with the modern fuel powered stovetops. Packing an extra fuel canister could be the difference between you and a hot dinner.

6. ICE

The cooler doesn't get left behind, in fact it is often filled with perishable food items that need to stay cool through the warm summer days. It's the ice that can be forgotten. Ice is one of those luxuries when camping, that you don't want to forget.


Most list makers will remember water for drinking throughout the day, but will forget to factor in fresh water used to rinse toothbrushes in the evening, clean the dishes or water used for cooking. Often water supplies intended to last throughout the duration of the trip get used up in the first day or two. Rule of thumb, double or triple the amount of water you think you're going to need to be safe.


There is something about having a hammer or hatchet during a camping trip. Nearly every seasoned camper packs one, but it's certainly not an item that seems necessary to take camping. If you have a hatchet, it can be used to chop more wood (when permitted by the camping grounds), and it can also be used to hammer in the spikes to secure your tent. It comes in handy when you least expect it.


Bringing those big, durable black trash bags is critical to maintaining a tidy campsite and tent. Useful for recycling and trash, trash bags can also be useful to store dirty clothes -- or in the event you forgot your tent, they can be used to create a makeshift shelter! We recommend taking double what you think you need.


Best for last: a basic first aid kit is essential for camping trips, especially with kids. Making sure you have everything from band-aids to burn ointment is important. Hopefully you don't need it, but if you do it makes a world of difference.

by Regina Wu


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