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by Regina Wu
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Choose a Best Camping Fan to Keep Cool - ipanergy

7 Things to Look for in a Camping Fan

When looking for a camping fan, you may want to consider additional features that go beyond its portable design. The following is my list of the best features to consider.


When shopping, don’t equate a bigger model with more power. There are compact designs that still blow a lot of air.

So, I recommend first looking at fans that have a small, compact design that won’t take up much space in your RV.

In addition, you may want to look for a design that includes a carry handle. It’s a convenient feature that is often overlooked until you start lugging the fan around.


Fans with rechargeable batteries can offer a more predictable battery life. You can easily connect the USB cable to the power bank whenever you need to operate the fan.

Some fans require the use of D-cell batteries, which is not always the best power source. They can be cumbersome, and take up your precious cargo space. In addition, if you forget to purchase new batteries to take on the trip, you may find yourself with a dead fan.

A rechargeable fan is also an excellent option if you have solar panels. Your solar panel may have a USB port available to plug in devices to charge.

In that case, you would have a power source right at your fingertips. Say goodbye to lugging around those D batteries!


Another one of the extra features to look for is an LED light. They can be used as a night light, providing enough light to get up and use the restroom or even read by.


Consider purchasing a fan that offers different speeds, like a high setting and low setting. Adjustable fan speed can offer you more customizable comfort.

Another important consideration is whether or not the fan can turn in different angles. When fans oscillate, it provides more airflow in any given space. That can make the difference between comfort for all vs. comfort for one person, especially in a large tent or RV.


When looking for the best camping fan to use outdoors, be sure that it is rated for outdoor use. That includes using the fan inside of a tent or under your RV canopy.


Many of the best camping fans come with a hanging hook. A hanging fan can easily be moved around to the area you want to use it by easily hooking it to, for instance, your RV awning.

By hanging the fan inside a tent or your RV, it will work more like a ceiling fan that disperses the rising hot air.


The last thing you want to hear in the great outdoors is a loud fan. Most people enjoy camping and outdoor activities because they are immersed in nature. They want to enjoy the quiet sounds of nature and get away from noisy city life.

That is why you want to pay attention to the noise level of camping fans that you are checking out. Getting a quiet fan will surely help you relax while enjoying your trip.

by Regina Wu


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