Getting the Kids Involved in Cooking at the Campsite - Panergy

by Regina Wu
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Getting the Kids Involved in Cooking at the Campsite - Panergy

I don't know about you, but getting my kids to help in the kitchen can sometimes be an enormous task. I usually get volunteers who seem eager to help with the food prep, but after five minutes they lose interest and move on. So, I've turned directly to the experts for advice on how to get the kids involved in cooking at the campsite ? my kids! Here's what they had to say?

Getting Kids Involved in Camp Cooking

How can making meals at the campsite be more fun for the kids?
If we had friends who could help us make the meal we would love to cook for you! Cooking is always more fun when you can do it with friends. We also need to have some good music playing like One Direction ? not the oldies from the 80s that you play. If all else fails, you could try candy or money (I hesitated to put this one in, but wanted you to know that I truly did ask the kids and that was included with what they said!).

What meals would you like to make while we are camping?
Mac and cheese is easy to make over the campfire. We can boil the noodles in a pot and mix up the sauce right in the pot with the noodles once we drain the water. Popcorn is fun too! We can bring Jiffy Pop or we can do it the old fashioned way with actual popcorn. We are pretty sure we could also do chicken noodle soup. All we do for that is open a can and put it in a pot. And, we want to have a weenie roast with hot hogs on a stick.

Share your favorite recipe for cooking at the campsite.
We love making and eating breakfast. Our favorite recipe to make is egg sandwiches. Start by scrambling an egg in a little bowl, mix it with a fork and put it in a pan to cook over the fire. If you want you can add shredded cheese while it is cooking or you can add a slice of cheese when it is done. While it is cooking you can get an English muffin or bagel and lightly toast it over the cooking grate. When it is done and the egg is cooked put the egg on the bread, add a slice of cheese and enjoy! If you want you can also include bacon and butter the bread or add butter to the egg mixture when you are cooking for a great flavor.

by Regina Wu


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