Guide To Finding The Best Tent Fan - Panergy

by Regina Wu
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Guide To Finding The Best Tent Fan - Panergy

The best tent fans are easy to carry, compact and easy to power. They have a low weight and can be positioned in multiple locations inside or outside the tent. 

In this article, we take a close look at how to choose the best tent fan by identifying what contributes to a high performing product, what the important aspects are to consider before buying, and what makes one fan better from another.

Recommended product

For speed and efficiency the below products form a list of what we consider to be some of the best tent fans currently available:

Best Overall: Panergy Portable LED Lantern Tent Fan


Products reviews

In this section, we’ve selected the best tent fans according to how they perform, their practicality, price, and multi-purpose use.

Hanging fans

Hanging fans remain a popular option, and as explained below, they attach directly onto the tent’s ceiling keeping the floor space free from tripping hazards.

Panergy Portable Battery Camping Fan with LED Lantern Review

Fan size – 7.1 X 5.3 X 2.4inch | Blade material – foam | Weight – 8 ounces | Power source – rechargeable batteries | Battery – 10000 mAh | Number of Settings – 3 | Light – Yes | Automatic Rotation – No

The new Panergy hanging LED fan is among the best tent fan upgrades, and is not completely upgraded from the previous generation. Apart from its modern design, the tent fan is also made with one more blade, totaling 3 blades.

It also comes with USB charging, which was not the case with the first generation’s DC plug. 3 levels of brightness are characteristic of the fan’s LED lights, which means campers can sleep comfortably without being bothered by strong light.


  •     Made with a 3-in-1 design and works as a fan, lantern, while repelling mosquitos
  •     Its design remains suitable to keep the tent’s floor clear as its easily hung
  •     Powered either by rechargeable batteries or via a laptop’s USB port
  •     Suitable for 2-3 nights of better air circulation with up to 40 hours of battery life
  •     When used solely as a camping light, the battery power increases to over 400 hours
  •     Manually rotates both horizontally and vertically
  •     Versatile, as it can also be used as a desk fan
  •     The LED light and fan can both run independently or together
  •     The built-in LED lights operate with 3 levels of brightness


  •     It takes around 4 hours to charge, which may not be convenient when camping in the wilderness
  •     Lacks automatic rotation and needs to be manually adjusted
by Regina Wu


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