How much does it cost to run a fan all night amid UK heatwave? ipanergy

by Regina Wu
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How much does it cost to run a fan all night amid UK heatwave? ipanergy

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With record highs being recorded across the UK, people across Cheshire and the rest of the country are struggling to stay cool in the face of scorching heat. Although the sun might go down at night, the temperatures often remain, making it hard to get a restful night of sleep.

Tossing and turning under the duvet in stifling heat is no fun for anyone. Many people turn to electric fans to help stay cool and get some sleep. In fact, auto energy switching service Migrate estimates almost half the population use electric fans to help them stay cool during hot summer nights.

While it may be a popular technique, using an appliance throughout the night can quickly add up when it comes to your monthly electric bill. So how much would using fans overnight actually cost?

While it might help you stay cool, using electric appliances throughout the night could add a serious spike to your energy bills. With cost of living climbing ever higher, that's an extra cost many can't afford.

A typical 120w pedestal fan costs around 3.4p an hour to run on average, according to Uswitch. While 3.4p might not sound like much at first, but if you add it up throughout a standard night between 10pm and 8am, it comes to a total of 33p.

Getting into the habit for a whole week would cost £2.35, an extra 75p from what it would have cost you last year thanks to climbing energy costs.

You might think that it might be more cost-effective to invest in an air-conditioning unit. However, the cost of using an overnight fan is tiny compared to a portable air conditioning unit.

The average portable air con unit costs around 28p an hour in energy costs, almost ten times the hourly cost of a fan. For a week's worth of nightly use, you'd be spending roughly £19.60 per week.

To save yourself some money on your energy bills, there are free ways to get some relief from the heat. Encourage air circulation by opening a bedroom window, taking the duvet off your bed, or filling a hot water bottle with ice water to keep your body cool.

If you share a bed with someone, try sleeping separately from one another to steer clear of one another's body heat.

by Regina Wu


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