From unopened tubs of trail mix and dog treats to empty Corn Nuts bags and beer cans, you should never bring anything edible—or anything that was in contact with food (other than yourself)—inside your tent. In bear country in particular, you should keep other highly scented items like lotion, toothpaste, and deodorant well away too, and to be as safe as possible, don’t even bring clothes you wore while cooking and eating inside your tent. Though it may go without saying, don’t forget to wash your hands and face well before turning in!

Depending on the place where you’re camping, all of the above may not be strictly necessary, but it’s always best to be as proactive as possible, and exercise good judgment. Even if you’re not in danger of becoming a meal to something else if you slip up, you don’t want to lose any of your own precious food or gear to hungry rodents, raccoons, or other critters, so best not to tempt them with tasty trash.