Ignite Camp Stoves - Cooking with 2-turn Simmer Control - Panergy

by Regina Wu
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Ignite Camp Stoves - Cooking with 2-turn Simmer Control - Panergy

Let's paint a picture of your next camp cookout.

You've got the whole crew gathered together, laughing and swapping stories across the fire. Someone hands out cold drinks, fresh from the cooler. The sun is low in the sky. And there you are at the camp stove, taking a sip of beer as you sauté onions and peppers in olive oil and put a nice sear on some chicken.

The smell's incredible. You're making campsite fajitas, and everyone's mouths are already watering as they look forward to digging in together around the campfire. But to pull off those fajitas and other top-notch camp grub, you need the right equipment. That's where our new camp stove series comes in: The Ignite and Ignite Plus, two new stoves that will help you elevate every meal at the campsite with kitchen-level precision and flavor.


High-precision Cooking

The problem with a lot of camp stoves is that they just don't give you the control you need to sear, simmer, and sauté at the right heat. You’re forced to spin the burner knob blindly, multiple times over, which negatively impacts your campsite cookery. That's why we built the Ignite and Ignite Plus Camp Stoves with cooking flexibility in mind. With our innovative two-turn simmer control, high-precision flame adjustment is at your fingertips, enabling you to cook better, and get better flavor out of your food for everyone to enjoy.

Easy to Use. Easy to transport.
We wanted the Ignite Camp Stoves to not only perform well, but also be easy to start, clean, and transport. So we included a push-button ignitor, for fast, easy ignition; an integrated handle and secure latch for increased portability; and a stainless steel drip tray, to make cleanup a breeze.

Two Stove Sizes
Everyone camps and cooks differently, which is why we made both the Ignite and Ignite Plus: to let you match your stove to your cookouts. Looking to cook for a smaller group, like your partner and kids? The Ignite may be the best choice for you, fitting two 10” pans. But if you’re planning for more people and need max pan capacity, you'll want to go with the Ignite Plus, which fits two 12" pans and has adjustable feet to ensure a level cooking surface.

by Regina Wu


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