Layout of the camp-Panergy

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Layout of the camp-Panergy

The layout of the campsite is determined by the terrain chosen, the climatic conditions, the size of the campsite and personal preferences, although there are some rules for safety and comfort.
1. Fire, dining and recreation areas.
This area should be at a certain distance from the tent area and should be built underneath the tent area to prevent sparks from burning the tent. The best place for cooking is where there is an earthen or rocky ledge for digging and building a stove. (Note: some stones can explode when heated, so care must be taken.) Collected firewood should be stacked outside the area or upwind, and camp lanterns should be placed where they can shine over a wide area, for example by hanging them from a tree, placing them on a stone platform or making a lantern stand to hang them up. Make it a habit to have a bucket of water or mud on the side of the fire pit at all times so that the fire can be put out at any time. Clean it up after the meal and use it as a communal entertainment area for the tent members.

2. Water collection and use area.
Water is generally taken at the water point, and water for washing and water for consumption should be separated. In the case of lake water, which is also a separate area, the two types of water should be more than 10 metres apart. This division is necessary for hygiene reasons. In addition, there are many rocks and shrubs on the river bank through which water is taken, so the route should be levelled before dark as described above.

3. Sanitary area.
If you are only staying for one night, you don't need to dig and build a pit, you can just designate a convenient place for men and women. I generally stipulate that if you want to leave the camp for convenience at night, you can just leave the alarm range male left and female right, if the number of players or stay for more than two days, that is, you should dig and build latrines, temporary toilets should be built in places with dense trees, so you do not need to pull the curtain. It is important not to build them in places where pedestrians often pass. If a sanitary area has been built, everyone should defecate in the built sanitary area and not all over the mountain, which is a major eyesore. Note: Before closing camp and continuing on the trail, remember to bury the excreta pit in the mud and put a stone for your feet on it.

Camp life must still be disciplined and organised. Just a few points to mention here.
1. It is strictly forbidden to go alone. At least inform your partner what you are going to do.
2. the casual use of fire is strictly forbidden.
3. all illegal and criminal behaviour is strictly forbidden.
4. do not pull your partner's tent at night after rest time, so as not to frighten or be accidentally injured by your partner.
5. if necessary, you should take turns on duty at night to prevent attacks
6. Carry your dagger with you.

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