My Arizona Road Trip-Panergy

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My Arizona Road Trip-Panergy

This Video Will Inspire You To Plan Your Next Arizona Road Trip And Show You How To Travel Arizona Cheaply!

Our trip was so cheap because we camped and hiked the whole time.

Arizona Road Trip | Devils Bridge Hike Sedona

All we really had to pay for was gas and some food.

Plus, we did most of our cooking at camp, so we saved even more money by not going out for each meal.

It was such an affordable, beautiful, and action-packed vacation.

What more do you need?

Our Arizona road trip included stops in Sedona, Prescott, a desert in Nowhere (actual name), and of course, The Grand Canyon!

Click below to watch the video to see how we did it!Below Are Some Resources So YOU Can Have An Incredible Arizona Road Trip On The Cheap Too!

1. Check out these 3 SUPER EASY car camping dinner ideas so you can save money by not eating at a restaurant every night.

2. Download my free cookbook with great low-cost breakfast ideas and recipes for camping and backpacking:

3. Things to do that don’t cost much:

  • Hike the local trails. For example, Sedona, AZ has some incredible hiking trails that are free to access and close to town.

  • Go antiquing in Prescott, AZ. I had so much fun just walking around the town square looking in all the antique shops.

  • Look up “swimming holes” in the areas you’re going. We found 2 natural places to swim for free in Arizona, which is so nice on a hot sunny day! And it was free. Winning!

  • Look for community yoga classes that are free or donation based. This is a great way to get to know the local community and try a new class. Bonus if you find one at a local park!

  • Find a beautiful camp spot and actually RELAX. Read that book, write in your journal, connect with friends and family - be fully present and enjoy your time in nature.

  • Spend the day exploring a state park or a national park. There’s usually a day fee, but you can spend the whole day there. The Grand Canyon is a very popular place to see in Arizona and it’s totally worth it!

My Road Trip + Camping Essentials

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