Portable Fans for Travel-ipanergy

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Portable Fans for Travel-ipanergy

1. Type of Fan

What type of fan you should get will depend on the way you’ll be using it. Some fans only serve one purpose, while others can serve several.

  • Handheld: These are best if you plan to be on the move. They should be small enough to fit in your pocket or purse so you always have easy access. 
  • Desk: These are typically larger than handheld fans and are designed to cool a larger area. Also called table fans, this type of fan is a good option to have on a picnic table or a bedside table in a hotel.
  • Mister: Mister fans also have a water tank so you can spray yourself with water or facial mist to cool down. Because these fans have an additional water tank they’re larger than standard portable fans. Keep this is mind when thinking about packing.
  • Clip: These are usually similar to table fans except they have a clip so you can attach the fan to something. If you find yourself in camping chairs often, whether around a campfire or at outdoor sporting events, a clip fan may be a great option for you.  
  • Hanging: When people talk about hanging fans, they could be talking about one of two things. The first type of hanging fan is designed to hang on an object, like your sun umbrella / parasol. These are perfect for getting a breeze while you’re lounging on the beach under an umbrella. The second type of hanging fan acts as a necklace. It has a soft cord so people can wear it around their necks. They’re larger than handheld fans and the cord makes it easier for people, especially kids, to hold on to.

2. Size

Size and weight are always a big deal when traveling, especially if you’re flying budget airlines with tight luggage restrictions. The first thing to consider is the measurements of the fan and where you’ll be using it the most. If you want to carry it while you’re walking or hiking, consider getting a smaller one that is able to fit in your pocket. If you want a desk fan, then size isn’t as big of a deal. If you’re packing it in your travel luggage, make sure it doesn’t take up too much space.

The second thing to consider is the weight. If you’re going to be carrying it on a regular basis you’ll want it to be as light as possible. But if it’s typically going to be stationary, then weight shouldn’t be as big of a deal. 

3. Power

Everyone wants cute travel accessories, but they’re a waste of time if they don’t work. Make sure you know how powerful a fan is before purchasing. You want to make sure it can actually cool you down quickly before you spend your money on it. The size of the battery and the revolutions per minute (RPMs) are usually pretty good indicators of how much power or air the fan will give off. 

4. Battery

A big consideration should be how the fan is powered. For those who are often in the backcountry without electricity, it’s best to get a fan that requires physical batteries. If you have a fan that needs AA or AAA batteries, then when they die you can just replace them. For travelers who will have easy access to electricity, a fan that’s chargeable via USB might be a better option. In this case, those fans can be charged with wall chargers, power banks, and car chargers. It eliminates having to buy batteries.

Another big thing to consider is battery life. Consider what type of traveling you’ll be doing and how long you’ll need the fan to work for before it needs to be recharged. Some fans only have a working battery life of three hours and others can work for up to 13 hours. 

1.ipanergy Battery Operated Clip On Mini Fan

When it comes to the best battery-powered fans, ipanergy Battery Operated Clip On Mini Fan tops the list. This compact fan measures only 7.5” x 6” x 4”, but it can blow air up to 10.5 feet per second. The fan can also be charged via USB and has a working time of up to 6 hours depending on the speed setting. Because it has a clip style, it can be used everywhere from the park to your baby’s stroller. Its 360-degree rotating design makes it more flexible and convenient so it can blow air exactly where you want it to. Weighing less than 10 ounces, the ipanergy Battery Operated Clip On Mini Fan is a great fan to travel with.

2.Hand Free Small Personal Fan

This hands-free fan is perfect for active travelers. The Wowgo Hand Free Small Personal Fan sits on your neck and allows you to hike, exercise, read, all while staying cool. The fan has two heads, three speeds, and rotates 360 degrees. It’s USB chargeable and offers up to 12 hours of power on one charge. One button lets you turn the fan on and off as well as change its speed, and there’s an indicator light that shows you the battery level and when it’s fully charged. The ipanergy Hand Free Small Personal Fan is unquestionably the best small fan on the market.


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