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by Zoe Lin
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Portable Neck Fan-ipanergy

Whether you're at the gym or on the train, these travel-friendly fans help beat the heat

YOU MIGHT HAVE a box fan or air conditioning at home, but when you’re commuting on a hot day or hanging out by the pool, staying cool can get tricky. That’s where the best portable neck fans come in to play, which make it easier to stay comfortable and beat the heat no matter where you’re heading.

Portable Neck Fan Buying Guide

How do you pick the best portable neck fan? Here are the most important features to consider, from the style to the runtime.

Blades vs. Bladeless: When you’re buying a portable neck fan, the first thing you’ll notice is its design. Some have blades like a standard window fan, while others might feature a blade-free design. The best portable, bladeless neck fans are safer to use, won’t catch longer hair, and still keep you cool on the go.

Runtime: Next up, the best portable neck fans are battery-powered, but their runtimes can vary. We’ve included a mix that can last between a few hours to an entire work day in this guide.

Noise Level and Fan Speed: Of course, you’ll want to choose a neck fan that’s quiet to operate, but still produces enough power to keep you from getting too hot. Most of the best new portable neck fans, including the ones on this list, reduce the level of fan noise, so you hear more of your surroundings — and less of the device around your neck. Beyond the noise level, consider how many speeds you might want your neck fan to include.

ipanergy Bladeless Neck Fan

With its multiple speeds, lightweight feel, and rechargeable battery, you’re about to be this bladeless Torras’ biggest, ahem, fan. It has a sleek design, 360-degree coverage, and a surprisingly quiet motor, making it a good choice for the office or on crowded trains. It has three different speeds and a eight-hour battery life, too.

by Zoe Lin


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