Seven health benefits of camping-Panergy

by Regina Wu
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Seven health benefits of camping-Panergy

1. Peace and Quiet
Unplug and enjoy the simplicity of nature. Forget charging your smartphones, tablets, and gaming consoles, and instead, recharge your own batteries. Your body and mind will thank you for it and you will return to work refreshed and energized. Turn off the internet, emails, and even the news. All you need is one charged phone for emergencies, kept turned off and packed away.
2. More Exercise
Camping requires more physical exercise to gather, prepare and store food, get around a campsite and manage your shelter effectively. Go further by adding fishing, swimming, walking or bike riding into the mix and kick cardiovascular benefits and calorie burning off the charts.
3. Reduced Stress
One of the important health benefits of camping is that it reduces stress by removing common triggers like work pressure, traffic, and the rush of city life, replacing them with the calming effect of bird songs, the sound of waves crashing on the beach, and the wind in the trees. The real thing is much more therapeutic than anything you’ll find on your MP3.
4. Better relationships
Do you sometimes feel like you never talk to your family and, when you look around you, everyone’s on a device of some sort? Being in close proximity to loved ones or good friends, without the interference of modern devices like smartphones and tablets can let you communicate more directly and give and receive eye contact. Having to depend on each other to prepare food and look after your campsite builds camaraderie, a sense of community, and a shared purpose that adds to your wellbeing.

5. Improved memory
When you’re out camping and surrounded by trees and fresh air, your body releases higher levels of serotonin, a naturally-produced neurotransmitter that helps regulate your mood, appetite, and sleep. Serotonin also improves cognitive functions such as memory and learning.
6. Better sleep
Melatonin is a natural hormone that helps control your sleep and wake cycles. When you’re stuck in an office for long periods, working in artificial light, your melatonin levels can be suppressed by the blue light in artificial sources like incandescent bulbs. Camping outside exposes you to melatonin-friendly yellow light, which can help you achieve a more natural alignment of the sleep-wake cycle with sunrise and sunset.
7. Vitamin D boost
Being outside, your body absorbs huge quantities of sunlight. The sun provides a healthy outdoor glow to the skin, and internally the body uses it to synthesize Vitamin D which helps your body absorb calcium and phosphorus, two minerals essential for healthy bones and teeth.

by Regina Wu


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