Simple Ways to Stay Cool This Summer (Even Without Air Conditioning)--ipanergy

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Simple Ways to Stay Cool This Summer (Even Without Air Conditioning)--ipanergy

Summer is here, and that means we'll all be looking for ways to stay cool. Of course, the best option is to stay indoors with good air conditioning, but if you don't have it or want to get out in the sun, there are plenty of other ways to stay cool.

It's definitely possible to enjoy nice summer weather without having to deal with overheating, but you'll need to be prepared with a few tips and tricks. Don't let the heat get you down this summer.

Use different AC options
If you don't have air conditioning in your home or office, or if you're planning an event outside, look for some different air conditioning options. Equipment like compact air conditioners, fans, and outdoor coolers work well to keep you and your guests cool and comfortable.

Consider what kind of environment you will be in so that you can choose the most suitable environment. Most units do require electricity to operate, so you'll need to be near a power outlet. The size of this area will also determine which cooling unit is best for you. Smaller units and fans are great for tight spaces, but if you need to keep a large space cool, you'll need a supercooler or a larger unit.

stay cool and comfortable
One of the easiest ways to stay cool this summer, indoors or out, is to dress for the heat. Avoid layered, heavy clothing, dark colors and tight-fitting items. These will both make you feel warmer and make it harder to stay cool when the temperature rises.

Instead, choose shorts, leggings, t-shirts, sandals, light colors and cool, comfortable clothing. Also, don't forget to protect yourself from the sun! Wear a hat and keep sunscreen with you when you plan to go out for an extended period of time.

stay hydrated
Carry a water bottle with you when you're out running errands, spending time at the park, spending a day at the beach, or just enjoying summer in your own backyard. Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water can help keep you cool and also help you avoid dehydration, which can be dangerous.

You can't beat a glass of cold water when it comes to staying hydrated, but think outside the box and try some other cold foods to stay cool. Things like lemonade, popsicles, ice cream bars, juices, and smoothies are summer must-haves!

eat lightly
It's not just water that keeps you cool. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables, salads, and other bland meals is the perfect summer meal. These items have a high water content, so they can also help keep you cool when it's hot outside.

Meat and foods high in protein actually increase metabolic heat production, which can cause your body to lose water. Avoiding these foods or eating them sparingly can help you stay cool and even help you stay hydrated this summer.

Set up a backyard
You'll likely be spending more time outside in the next few months, so set up your backyard. Make it a cool haven by adding things like an awning and an outdoor cooler or fan. You can go all out by adding a cold drink fridge to your deck, setting up outdoor furniture, an umbrella for a table, and tall potted plants for shade.

Put things like picnic blankets, water bottles, magazines, sunglasses, and flip-flops in the basket by your back door so you can get out and enjoy your cool, shaded yard and deck right away.

watch the weather
Plan around the summer heat as much as possible. When you're planning a BBQ with friends, weekend trips, outdoor activities, or other activities this summer, check the weather forecast and work at the hottest time of day.

It's usually hotter around noon, and then the temperature usually cools down in the late afternoon and evening. Knowing this, and by checking the weather, you can plan to do something when the temperature isn't soaring and it's easier to stay cooler.

Keep excess heat away from your home
Even if your home does have air conditioning, you can make sure it's working to its full potential by keeping the extra heat in. Check all door and window seals to make sure they are not cracked or broken. Broken seals allow hot air to move in and out of cold air, making it difficult to keep your home cool.

Another easy way to keep your home cool is to avoid using the oven when it's hot outside. Prepare meals that don't require you to use the oven, use a slow cooker, or cook in the early morning or early evening.

Use curtains and blinds to protect your home from direct sunlight, and close windows when air conditioning or refrigeration is running. An often overlooked way to keep your home cool is to use your landscaping to your advantage by planting tall trees and shrubs near windows to block sunlight.

get rid of the heat
Sometimes you just need to get away from the heat and into a cool, air-conditioned space for a while. This tip is especially helpful if you don't have air conditioning in your home. Plan to spend at least the warmest part of the day in a mall, library, coffee shop, or even grocery store. These places usually have good air conditioning and can be a great place to cool off and get out of the house.

Avoid the heat and uncomfortable temperatures this summer with these tips. Dress for the weather, plan around the forecast, stay hydrated and do everything you can to ensure your home stays cool. Make your backyard a cool haven with shade, hammocks and even outdoor cooling to get ready for a relaxing summer.

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