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by Regina Wu
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Tent Camping with Dogs - Panergy

Tent camping provides the ultimate outdoor experience for you and your pup. With just a thin layer of material between you and the great outdoors, you’ll truly feel connected with nature. You can camp in more locations with a tent since RVs and cabins are limited to specific campgrounds and locations. In this chapter, you’ll learn helpful tips and strategies for tent camping with your dog.


Yes, you can take your dog camping in a tent! Though some people think of a tent as a cramped space with no possible room for a pet, it’s definitely possible to take your dog camping in a tent! Large, dog-friendly tents are available to keep you and your pet comfortable during your trip.

With the right equipment, tent camping with your dog is a fun and affordable way to vacation with your pooch. They can sleep right beside you in a tent, providing their warmth and protection. Staying close to your pet can also make them feel more comfortable when they’re camping with you, especially if this is their first time out in the wilderness.


Tent camping with your dog is easier than you might think. With the right amount of planning and the proper supplies, it can be a fulfilling experience for you and your pooch. Consider the following tips to make your outdoor adventure a success:


The key to a successful camping trip is the type of tent you choose. The best tents for camping with dogs are:

  • Spacious: Make sure your chosen tent has plenty of space for you and your pup. A good strategy is to count each dog as another person traveling with your family or group. So if you’re camping with two people and two dogs, you should look for a tent that fits four or more people.
  • Durable: Your dog’s nails and teeth can puncture the fabric of certain tents. Find a tent with a thick floor and durable material that can withstand your dog’s nails and teeth.
  • Easy to clean: Camping can get messy, especially when you’re bringing your dog along with you. Choose a tent that you can quickly sweep or spot clean with soap and water.


You can make the tent even more comfortable for you and your pet with the items you put inside. Consider these tent camping essentials:

  • A comfortable dog bed
  • Plenty of blankets
  • A crate, if your dog likes it and the tent is large enough
  • A tarp for underneath the tent to keep out water and the cold

You can add these items to your existing checklist so you can ensure that you bring along everything you and your pet needs.


You shouldn’t wait until you’re out in the wilderness to find out if your dog is comfortable inside your tent. You can set up your new tent in the backyard or inside your house and spend time lying inside with your pooch. You can see how they react in the space and make the necessary adjustments. Testing your tent will also help your dog acclimate to the tent if they’ve never been in a space like that. Becoming familiar with the tent can help them feel more at ease when you take your tent and your dog to an unfamiliar destination.

Plan a short trip near your house to see how they do in the tent overnight. That way, there are no surprises when you travel to a more remote campground.


It’s important that your dog has company in the tent. Never zip your dog into a tent by themselves, even if you’re staying close by. Even the most relaxed pooches may become panicked when they’re left alone in a confined space. When they’re left alone, they may even tear a hole in your tent to escape, ruining your sleeping quarters and potentially getting lost trying to find you.

by Regina Wu


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