The benefits of a neck fan-Panergy

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The benefits of a neck fan-Panergy

Can a leafless neck fan be twisted at will?
Yes, I use this Tulas brand of leafless neck fan is possible, can ° free to turn twist, ≦ adjustment, everywhere is cool, the patented adjustable structure, ⽅ convenient to adjust the wind direction. In addition to hanging around the neck, it can also be used standing up, when napping in the office, you can stand it on the table, the air outlet to their own line, really practical!
Leafless hanging neck fan is loud?
I feel that the sound is not too loud, usually I go to work with no impact on the work, I use the Tulas brand of leafless hanging neck fan, online understanding of this leafless hanging neck fan minimum only 20 decibels, because the built-in dual-inverter magnetic levitation motor can enhance the wind while reducing noise, so that even hanging on the neck very close to the ear, will not feel the noise of the fan.
"Hanging neck fan" online sales explosion, long-term use of this fan will lead to what consequences?

There is a possibility that our neck will fall into a pillow and feel uncomfortable, which may affect the natural development of the neck. It may also lead to neuritis and hair strain. This hanging fan is not good, but also particularly heavy, with a long time is also very unfriendly to the neck. I think it may lead to a relatively large pressure on the neck, there is a possibility that it will fall into the pillow and will cause the whole person's energy to wilt. It may lead to facial paralysis. This fan has been blowing on the neck and face, also not good. You can consult a professional for details.

Can you wear protective clothing with a hanging neck fan?
The fan is compact, light weight and portable to carry. When the vest is not used, the fan can be hung around the neck to blow, or snap on the belt to blow.
Protective vest comes with a fan, fan blowing mouth facing upward, there are three wind speed can be adjusted for people working in high temperatures.

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