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by Regina Wu
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The Best Family Tents for Camping Recommended - Panergy


Happy Mother with Daughter jumping into the Eureka! Space Camp Family Camping Tent landing on sleeping bag right next to pet dog

With summer right around the corner, it’s time to start planning your camping trips. If you’re planning on taking the whole fam with you, how do you know what are the best family tents? It’s important to find a tent that fits everyone and has the added features that you need for different types of camping trips

If you’re totally confused about what kind of family tents to buy, we’ll break down the benefits of different family tents, what to look for, and our recommendations. Eureka! has been crafting tents for over a century and have been used in anything from backwoods camping to battlefields to mountaintops. Eureka! tents have been used in the harshest climates in the world, like Mount Everest. Rest assured that their tents will hold up and provide exactly what you need—plus all the added extras, too. 


We know you may be confused by all of the family tents out there, but we’re here to help! It’s not too complicated if you consider the following features we’ve listed below. Let’s take a deep dive into the considerations and questions you need to ask before you take the plunge and buy a family tent.  


No one wants to be jammed inside a tent, especially if you’ve got kids who may already have trouble sleeping. The size and capacity of your family tent are going to be a key part of a fun camping trip for everyone involved. 

  • How many people are going to be in your tent? 
  • What about gear or storage? Are you planning on keeping some items in your tent? 
  • Are you planning on sleeping in a sleeping bag, air mattress, or cot? 
  • Are you car camping or backpacking? Car camping will allow you to store some essentials outside of your tent.


Where are you planning on camping? High desert camping versus heavily wooded areas versus reserved campsites will most likely require different tents to camp optimally. Look at the history of the area during the season you’ll be visiting to see what the expected weather will be like. Don’t let mosquitoes or other insects keep you from having a relaxing night’s sleep, either. You’ll need to keep bug protection at the top of mind when you’re camping in the summer near water.


Unwieldy tent doors and entry access is a major pain point for many campers. Having large, accessible doors is a must for large camping crews, both for convenience and safety. Many tents have you crawling over family or tent mates to get out, campers have to duck, it’s easy to trip over the bottom, etc., and the list just continues. Finding a tent that offers easy in/out access should be a top priority. 


Camping with the family means that extras are a must. The best family tents are the ones that get the kids interested in their surroundings, keep everything organized, and have easy access,  Browse ones that have: 

  • Mesh roofs to stargaze. Have the kiddos with you? Teach them about constellations and see how many they can find. 
  • Awnings. They are a must for storing wet or dirty shoes after a day of camping. Leave them safely outside the tent. 
  • Storage pockets. Extra pockets are a necessity when sleeping in a tent with multiple people. Store your kindle, tablet, charging cords, video games, and other personal items. Surprise the kids with new books or toys to keep themselves busy before they fall asleep. 

Some family tents offer ways to run an extension cord so that you can keep all of your gadgets charged. 


Ever tried to set up a tent and ended so frustrated in the process that it took forever to relax? It’s time to ditch inconvenient tent setups and find something that you can put together in a breeze. Even though family tents are large, you can find ones through Eureka! can be set up and taken down in a snap. 

This can be a great learning experience for the kiddos, too. Our recommended family tents only require one to two people to set up, and kids can help to take part in the action. Make a game out of it and the kids will be begging to help. 


We’ve compiled a list of the best Eureka! family camping tents so that you can create some awesome memories to take home with you and say “goodbye” to frustration. 


Eureka! Copper Canyon LX 6 Person Car Camping Tent

If you’ve got a big car camping crew, the Copper Canyon LX is all you’ll need. One of the best family camping tents, this Eureka! model comes in four different sizes, all built with families and friends in mind. Sizes include: 

While all of them vary in size depending on how large your crowd is, these family tents are made of a durable, steel and fiberglass frame that makes it easy for a one- or two-person setup. Use the near-vertical walls for space to change clothes, set up a cot, or just relax comfortably in a space that isn’t cramped. The Copper Canyon LX is waterproof, with plenty of ventilation, and screens that offer bug coverage and scenic views. Since you’ll be traveling with the fam, the zippered E! Powerport lets you run an extension cord to keep phones, tablets, and other gadgets charged. 

Unique to the eight-person and 12-person tent, a large divider is provided down the middle—making it a great way to share a tent between two families. It’s like a two-bedroom cabin! And, like any big tent needs, there’s plenty of room to keep things organized with stash pockets and a gear loft. 

by Regina Wu


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